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  1. Imho your new laptop is quite OK. The problem is that the the device list which is read when starting the viewer is quite old and does not include recent graphic processors. I suggest you modify the target in the desktop shortcut to add the parameter --noprobe. This would skip the hardware detection step. To give you an example, the target for my Phoenix shortcut reads : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Phoenix Viewer\PhoenixViewer.exe" --settings settings_phoenix.xml --noprobe I hope this solves your problem.
  2. Je regrette d'avoir à te contredire parce que ton explication est mignonne, mais un Kudo ce n'est pas un bisou . En fait c'est une forme de compliment en usage dans les milieux universitaires anglo-saxons, que l'on adresse à quelqu'un que l'on veut féliciter pour un brillant résultat ou une contribution scientifique notable.
  3. Salut gilloux, Sur ma machine tournant sous Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, j'utilise sans problème Imprudence, Kirstens et Phoenix. Quant au "viewer" Linden Lab, que j'ai abandonné depuis belle lurette, j'imagine qu'il est compatible aussi sinon cela se saurait .
  4. For those wanting to know how fast bits are flowing in and out of their machine, NetMeter is a nifty utility, available here : http://www.metal-machine.de/readerror/index.php. This is the 1.1.4 Beta version but i have been using the 1.1.3 release for years (still available here : http://netmeter.en.softonic.com/). The nice thing is that NetMeter can be set up to be displayed on top of the SL viewer window (not in full screen mode of course).
  5. Sugarlips, imho you spent more time posting on this topics than you will probably ever do deleting the few default lines of script which bother you.
  6. Remember Me has never worked so far with SL Blogs on my computer (yes cookies are enabled!), and since Firefox steadily keeps crashing when opening a new tab for posting a comment, I must log in 3 or 4 times as an average per session. This should REALLY be investigated and corrected by the Lab.
  7. If you can't have the sim restarted (which is the normal means to force a logoff), try with your alt to send an im to your main avatar, or to pay him/her 1 linden $; this has been reported to work sometimes.
  8. Okay, I have received quite a few tallying advices now which point to an overheating problem. I must admit I was not struck at once by this possibility, because I use a desktop with an internal fan of respectable size so I never met similar problems, but overheating is clearly the cause of the problem observed by my friend. Thanks to all, my question was satisfactorily answered. I hope this post can help others too.
  9. May I ask you to confirm that on your laptop also, after minimizing the viewer for some time, things were improving momentarily?
  10. That sounds very interesting indeed, because the problem has been noted for the first time in early summer, and internal cooling of laptops can be problematic. The GPU could be overheating when the viewer is maximized. I'll be working on that. Thanks a lot!
  11. I would like to emphasize that at startup the viewer performs quite normally and no downgrading of the graphics preferences is necessary. The actual problem to which a solution is sought is that the performances degrade after a few minutes without, as i wrote, any motion of the avatar or of the camera.. Yesterday we found out that minimizing and maximizing back the viewer restored the normal performances, but only for a short time; i hope this feature can give someone a hint of what is happening.
  12. I omitted to mention it but the described behavior occurs also when the laptop is plugged in. Your suggestion is interesting anyway and we will check that. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I post a question here on behalf of my best RL friend, who thinks I am better in english. She has the following weird problem: When she logs in SL at home location, she gets about 12 fps with graphics prefs set on high, but after a few minutes, without moving the avie nor the cam, the fps drop to 1.2-1.5 and remain so. Now after minimizing SL and maximizing back, the fps get their initial value of 12 or so, and then fall down again to 1.2-1.5 after a short time; this cycle is endlessly reproducible. On other sims, values may differ but the phenomenon is basically the same. Same problem whatever the type of connection to the router, wireless or cable, but only with SL (even long YouTube HD videos run smoothly) Config is as follows: laptop with AMD Turion 64 X2 and nVidia 8600M GS, running SL Viewer 1.23.4 under Vista SP1 We have tried the following without result: - full deinstallation of SL (including deletion of disk cache and settings folders) and reinstallation, - reverting to 1.22.11, - trying different values of max. bandwidth, disk cache size and allocated texture memory on graphics card. I am now clueless, any explanation would be welcome, in particular about the effect of minimization. Suggestions for corrective action(s) would be even better.
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