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  1. a sim restart had a slow cure... its fixed! Thanks for all your help! really helped me to stay calm.. smiles! come visit insperion gardens if you like... its running again now.. *wink*
  2. alas paying didnt work... sim restart has to wait cos the owner is offline.... sighs
  3. when i log as my alt (which is possible) i see in preference the busy notification of my main avi.... i ll try to get the sim restarted soon... as my alt i cant... any idea how its possible i see the notifications of my other avi when i am logged as my alt?
  4. My avi is online, i can no longer log in from my pc. I can use an alt, but i can not use my main avi as SL tells me its online already. But i am not logged in. What do i need to do? My avi manages a sim and i need to get online to be able to pay tiers, manage rentals etc... please if anyone knows what to do... Half Short
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