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  1. I know I'm posting this a year later, but I recently wanted to darken my skin too and started a discussion on the same topic. Someone mentioned the new tattoo layer for SL Viewer 2 (which also works for Emerald but not for the older viewer) and the possibility of this being used for tanning. Following some investigation, I found a "Bronzed Tan" product by Curious Kitties on XStreet that wasn't easy to find in their enormous store, but when I did and bought it (L$400, a fifth of the price of a new Laqroki skin), it was perfect for me. A demo wasn't on display when I bought, but may be in the store now and can be obtained from Curious Kitties rep Morbidia Marchant in any event. Happy tanning!
  2. Change the view option of your inventory not to sort all folders at the top. Change the view option of my inventory not to sort all folders at the top ?! I didn't know you could do that !! This changes things completely, but I'll have to see... Right, fantastic. Not preferences but inventory menu, Sort > System Folders to Top OFF. Now I can make my own folders and they list in the same alphabetical order. No more having to put everything in "Objects", great, thanks!
  3. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, and maybe I am extreme on this. I'm just used to being able to modify my defaults and have thus acquired the notion that I should be able to do so if I want, that's all. By "incessant" I meant unceasing, not frequent. It wasn't a very opportune term, but "ceaseless" or "unending" or "relentless" wouldn't have been either.
  4. That's probably true. I know I often spend more time – sometimes much more time – scripting things on my Mac than it would take me to just do them manually. But as Adobe scripting maven Olav Kvern once said, "When desperation finally drove me to scripting, what surprised me the most was that the process of working on developing a program, or a script, is a lot like the process of drawing or writing or doing something creative. It's something I ended up, quite against my will, enjoying."
  5. First steps into programming, okay – but it's like a shackle when you move beyond that (not that I have yet). Imagine if every time you went to ride your bicycle, you had to take the training wheels off first.
  6. Thanks. This sounds like an approach I might want to follow if and when I indeed have a need for different templates. It re-raises a question regarding inventory lists, however. One or two people have said something about putting frequently used things at the top of the list, but I'm not sure how to do that. My impression is that there's a fairly long column of default folders that can't be deleted or renamed, and that any other custom folders fall in below these. So I don't know how to get things really up at the top. I'm actually trying very hard to keep everything in the the basic default folders, this to avoid two separate alphabetic orderings, which I find disagreeably messy. This seems actually fairly easy to do, given for example that just about anything can be an "Object".
  7. Thanks for the info, Peter. If you're ever well-rested and remember where you saw about the Emerald client-side precompiler that allows changing the default initial script (which is exactly what I want to do), I hope you'll let me know. Try Forums > Scripting, that's the place the scripters hang out, talk amongst ourselves and confuse newbies *grin* Will have to find that... Ah yes, under the Community tab. Bookmarked and will be there, thanks again.
  8. The phrase 'Hello World' has been a sort of default entry point task in the learning of many, if not most, programming languages for decades, Precisely. So why should I have to be incessantly reminded of that?
  9. It's there as a simple launching point so you don't have to type a few common things. That's good, thanks. But I still continue to get the impression that nearly all of you, the same as me, want to modify it in one way or another. Imagine if every time you launched Word, for example, you were faced with a default doc you didn't want and couldn't modify, and had to launch your own template. Okay, so a lot of people have gotten used to Word too. I never have, but that's another topic and not one for this forum.
  10. P.S. Trying to take advantage of the suggestion of using the Emerald Viewer "Disable first time popups" button to suppress the unwanted message, I found however that I didn't understand the button and don't see how it works. When I click on it it highlights, but the highlighting disappears when I click elsewhere and I'm not sure that it's even applied, in addition to not understand its general function very well anyway. I'm afraid to mess around with the buttons in the particular preference pane concerned, as the on-and-off defaults at first glance seem pretty appropriate and I don't feel like wiping them out. Thanks.
  11. Like Paladin, you seem to contradict yourself a little too. You say the unwanted message has never been an issue with you, and yet that there's no earthly reason to leave it. That would at least be a contradiction for me. If I'm stuck with something I don't want, for me that's an issue. It's like the MobileMe panel in Mac OS System Preferences – I hated it when I found out they'd put that one in so it couldn't be deleted. Thanks.
  12. You say we're all used to it, but you yourself apparently take pains to avoid it. Considering that the ways of doing this don't seem to be that much less troublesome than the message itself, I can imagine that I'll wind up hitting the New Script button and grumbling. It just bothers me, that's all - that it doesn't seem to serve any important purpose, and that you can't change it or get rid of it. Thanks.
  13. Oops, I think I maybe should have clicked Helpful on this, but thought I only saw two replies after the first one. Will consider all these possibilities when I'm creating scripts, thanks. Nobody has mentioned any actual utility of the "Hello, Avatar!" message, which confirms my impression of its being something of a nuisance. A harmless nuisance, perhaps tolerable, but annoying to me nonetheless.
  14. That's a perfectly adequate answer to the question of how to get rid of the the default message, thanks. A comment or comments regarding its possible utility would be welcome, but unless I see one I'll assume it's dispensable and will take advantage of the mentioned feature provided by the Emerald Viewer, which I'm using. Thanks again.
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