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  1. Thanks Whirly for your comment 🙂 seems that there is no other way as the one you described in your answer and so i startet with importing some of my own windlights but there are many others waiting to import. As i told i had a great number of it which i don't want to miss now in the new released SL viewer.
  2. Hello together, yesterday i got an Update from Second Life Viewer and installed the Second Life Release (64Bit) which comes with the Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!). I have a question to it now: i have a lot of own legal windlights (especially skies) in XML format and want to impot them all into the new Second Life Vierwer Release I tried it but i only can import one single windlight after another! This would be very time consuming and complicated for me - so is there another way to import the whole folder (which lay in user/AppData/Roaming/Second Life/user settings/windlight/skies) into the new SL viewer? Thanks for your support in advance 🙂 Rosanna Ewing
  3. Thx Chic for your comments. As you described i did my build years before with mixed prims because of the problems especially with the floors. I wanted to rebuild it and find a "correct", elegant and prim save solution concerning the physics. And i find it interesting to hear your experiences and tips :-)
  4. Thx ChinRey for your quick response. First i want to mention that i mean with "normal prim solution" not that this is the "normal" solution i only mean with "normal prim" the in-world-prims often named as "normal prims" and i have heard that also "experienced" mesh makers work from time to time with these prims in combination with their mesh creations. Indeed the floors a part of a larger mesh build so i will pay attention to your points thx :-)
  5. i made a build with 3 floors in blender and i have try to make own physics for it. When i uploaded it to SL and set it to prim everything is fine - except the 3 floors: when i'm standing on the floor my feets go through it! So my question is: what is the right method in my own made physics for the 3 floors in the mesh build? It's a mesh cube build really simple 3 loops for the floors and each one flat face. Do i need in my physic cube for each floors a plane above and below?? What i want to note: ii don't prefer the normal prim solution. Quick help would be nice thx in andvance :-)
  6. Thx a lot Amethyst and Athena. I followed your tips and repositioned the Hud (nearly half of it was out of the screen!) and the action was not so simple, i had to pull down the upper part and turn all around (part on Hud with the "Skins & Options") and well, finally it works! Thanks too for the further advices - nothing can suprise me now :-) I think i will also keep an eye on my early version.
  7. Today i got the Maitreya Update which is no Update to the body itself but to the Hud. And this Body Hud V. 3.5 doesn't react correctly. When i attach it after wearing the body (V. 3.5) it appears at the top of my screen and it is only to see a little piece from the Hud and it's standing on the head. When i click "Alpha", "Layer"...nothing happens. And it doesn't matter where i attach this Hud (middle, below...) always the same inactive results! What i want to add is that i tried it out on a location, where scripts are allowed, i used the newest SL Viewer Version 4.0.1 and the newest grafic drivers. I have had these problems too with the Hud earlier V. 3.4 but after some tries the Hud appeared and worked correctly - in contrast to Hud Version 3.5! Would be great someone could give me an advice to solve the problems - thx from Rosanna :-)
  8. thx Chic for the link to the thread and for sharing your other experiences here.
  9. thx to Kwakkelde and Aquila for your answers. I tried to solve the problems by uploading my mesh model and in the physic tab i choosed the lowest and clicked analyze. After rezzing in world i did normal prims for the floors, roof and walls set it to invisible (and prim of course) linked it and connected it with the mesh model (mesh model should not be the root prim!) and i then i set the mesh to no physics. Works fine and LI does'nt increase very much. Later i would prefer to do an seperate own physics and i think the link from Aquila could help me here. One question i have: did someone have experiences with this program(s) which allow to do the physics in world, save it as dae.files and load up, does that make things probably easier?
  10. i built a simple cube with 3 floors and roof. When i uploaded it with: PhysicTab - Lowest - pressing Analyze i got these Convex Hull-thing and fly through my floors and roof. So i made a very simple Physics on my own using 4 planes (3 planes for the 3 floor and another one for the ceiling). I linked them after right positioning in the cube and upload it: Physic tab - click the dae. file and did'nt press "Analyze". I set it to "prim" in world: the result is: i can't walk on my floors and dont fly through the roof - but i stand too high above the grounds in each floor. I tried to position the planes again a few times unfortunateley the result is always the same. Nothing changed it. Would be nice to get some helpful tips about the right physics here and generally (beside of the informations here in the blog about this theme). Thank you! Rosanna Ewing
  11. thx bee, you are so right :-) i think i would never had noticed that i muted myself, sometimes no bad idea lol i really don't know how this could happened and how my own name appears on the mute list thx for the jira notice bee :-)
  12. Hello everyone, i have the following problem: i can't see my own chat on screen in-world. Others told me they could see everything what i say in the local chat. It seems that only me can't see anything. I have this problem until now in Viewer 2.0 but also in others. Can someone give me an advice how to solve this problem? Thank you very much!
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