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  1. Yes, I gave pretty much up on the Mac for gaming. Not long ago I got a Dell G7 (7590) with an NVDIA RTX 2080 graphic card because I'm also a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Now you talk about a nice gaming experience... Though this new laptop was in the same price range as MacBook Pro... But SL on this runs flawlessly. Sadly, Apple's decision about OpenGL made those computers useless on games... No one cares much about Metal engine. We will see what will happen in the next few years with their new "Silicon" chips...
  2. Sadly Apple decided to get away from OpenGL in favor of its own Metal graphic engine. Not sure what this means for developers like Linden Lab but so far they rely on an obsolete rendering engine that will probably vanish from MacOS soon... Also don't get me wrong... I use BootCamp mostly for SL. For my daily usage it's 100% MacOS 🍎
  3. I don't care much about those Mac vs Windows debates. I just wanted to say that I run Windows 10 1903 on my MacbookPro (late 2015) (i7, 16G of Ram and Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB or RAM). Using dual-boot on the Macbook is a piece of cake and yes, SL viewer runs much faster with this configuration. The only thing is that in theory you need a Windows 10 licence to do it... (and make sure you have a decent graphic card because that's what is needed in SL). 😉
  4. First of all yes, Thumbs Up for Logictech USB heasets! And about your question Wicked you have to set your speakers as default in Windows before entering SL. To do that, right-click on the little speaker icon on the bottom right bar. Then choose Playback Devices and in there set "Speakers" as the default (not the Logitech Headset). Then, once in SL, you have to change the device in Preferences for the chat (located under "Audio - Video". In there, select your headset as the device for voice instead of "default". This way sounds and music will play on your speakers but voice on your headset... Oups :manvery-happy:
  5. I have the same issue but it seems to be very intermittent as sometimes it works for me. It does always work in Phoenix by the way.
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