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  1. I just saw this post... that tells you how long it has been since I visited the forums. Thank you for supporting and promoting us, Casi. And with all that we are working on currently, I can promise that the next issue will be a spectacular return for us, with a release party and grand opening of our new office.
  2. From the age of the post and the lack of responses, I take it that you are having a hard time hitching that free ride.
  3. nomedgrl wrote: I agree with Dark. go looking around at places and look stuff up make sure you want to be in the lifestyle. and if its for you. me myself i looked up on it and did reserch after i heard about Daddy doms. and i actully enjoy it. i am stil trying to find DD/LG hang outs. but i hope you find what you are looking for or if you wanna be a babygirl or not ^^ Blade's Edge BDSM club is very DD/BBG friendly, and they have two regularly scheduled discussions on the topic every week, one of those just for BBGs/Littles to attend.
  4. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Just be you. Those three words are the best advice that you can get involving BDSM and D/s, both in SL and RL. Don't let someone push you into things you are not comfortable with. Anyone who says you should have no limits is at best reckless, at worst abusive. And yes, there is a HUGE difference between submitting and being abused. Unless you are in a consentual RP (or working as an escort), you do not have to follow the orders of just anyone who proclaims themselves to be a Dominant. That would be like a manager of a company you don't work for telling you how
  5. OP, methinks that you are going about this in the wrong order. If you are wanting someone to teach you "the ways of a babygirl", then it sounds like you do not know just what one is to begin with. I am not faulting you for any lack of knowledge, but I do advise you to do some learning on your own to find out if it is something that you truly would enjoy. Doing so would save both yourself and any potential parter you find out there a lot of effort and heartache instead of just assuming it is something you would like. What I would suggest is finding some in-world places that have discussions
  6. Honestly, there are any number of ways they could know this. Maybe they are all the same person. Maybe they have been stalking you for a while. Or maybe you have some friends who are big ol' blabbermouths. In any sense, there is nothing you can really do unless you have solid truth, and even there is very little to be done. The only real thing you can do is be careful of who you share things with. Information is power, and the more you know about someone, the more power you have over them. Just like in real life.
  7. OP, you are missing one very obvious thing. In SL, no matter what sex, race, color, height, zoological category, or matter classification you are, YOU ARE PLAYING DRESS-UP. You are choosing how you want to portray yourself by what you choose to wear. Yes, wear. If you can remove something from your base SL avi (mesh body included), then you are wearing an object, and therefore considered to be a style of dressing. In RL, you also choose how you dress (some attachments require surgery to change, though), and not every place in RL will let you in, depending how you are dressed. You can't g
  8. Serenity Lost is a great RLV supportive CARP sim. There is a fee to join, but all of the necessary equipment (HUDs, cuffs, gags, etc...) is included. The equipment is proprietary to the sim owner, and there is almost always a staff member on hand for questions and to resolve issues.
  9. Gina Chrome wrote: If does not matter what 'mommy' is doing. That was not even the point and I am sure you have seen the child like round faces with the over sized head. Please do not take my words out of context because you want to try to pick my post apart. It is my opinion and guess what? On my sims, that is what matters. Oh... so you just use your opinion and not a certfied scale? Thanks for the heads up, you just gave a lot of people a reason to avoid your place.
  10. I know, right? So, according to Perrie, we should just acquiesce and follow the old "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" addage. So all you ladies out there, before you go to any adult-themed sim, be sure to take the avatar shape that you have so lovingly molded, altered, and made unique, and throw on a huge badonkadonk ass and Hindenburg-esque breasts so you can "adapt". Just give in. Resistance is futile. The Monster Ass Movement will assimilate you and add you to the collective.
  11. I don't think the problem is being understood. These people have avatars that, under any normal circumstances, are adult in every way. They are not short or small-proportioned, but what a normal adult physique would be. If owners and managers are trying to err on the side of caution, then they are making a very broad interpretation of SL's TOS on childlike avatars. In the case of my friend, I don't even believe that the manager contacted the owner of the place, but just made a snap judgement without taking any time to actually check her out, using her own body shape (and the shape of most
  12. Okay then, tell me this... how do you determine how "old" a male avatar is supposed to look? Facial hair means nothing, as I personally grew up with guys who could grow full beards by age 16. Height? A 6 foot teenager is common thing, every child grows at a different rate. Oh, how about muscle mass? No... wait... anyone can have spectacular musculature, no matter what the age; all they need to do is devote themselves to a regular training regimen. You can't even say normally adult male things like pattern baldness or **bleep** size could even matter, because some boys start losing hair a
  13. My pet does some original artwork. She mostly does commisions, but she does have several pieces for sale at our gallery. Here is the SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSC%20RoadRash/59/185/30
  14. I don't know how this trend has caught on so fast and furiously, but it is starting to spiral out of control. It seems like nearly every clothing designer in SL has started to cater to this over the people who want thier avatars to look somewhat like a normal human adult. It has gotten so bad that the non huge-ass crowd is starting to be discriminated against at some places. A friend of mine, who runs a forced/capture sim, was recently banned from a well known adult club (I wont mention the name, but it is like saying "dark feline";she has been going there on and off for a long ti
  15. Homepage says that the issue is resolved, but seeing as how I cant add things to cart and things are still abysmally slow... yeah, not resolved at all. GJ LL.
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