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  1. Thanks for the update and for the improvements! This is the kind of thing I want to see, it's the seemingly little things that really make a big impact on one's experiences in SL.
  2. Any items that go off-world are supposed to go to lost and found as if they were swept by autoreturn. There is a remote possibility your item is still rezed. (check the corners ^.^) Since it is a scripted object it should be easier to find if it is still rezed in sim. The following requires that you be either the owner of the sim or that you have estate access. Go to your estate tools Find the Debug tab and click it. Click on "Get top Scripts" This should open up a search window in which you can try and use to find your item. With this tool you can put a becon on the object or even return it to your lost and found folder. Depending on lag you may have to hit refresh a time or two. If all else fails you can always request a rollback if the item has been out for a long time but.... that costs quite a bit of money too. ^.^
  3. I've never experienced any performance degradation from inventory. It is true that a larger inventory will take longer to load into your cache and when searching. If you're having issues with getting your full inventory to load I reccomend clearing your cache (found in preferences under the network tab) and restarting your client. Once it's been cleared go find a nice empty full sim and do a simple inventory search and sit and wait for it to fully cache it shouldnt take but a few moments. As always, it never hurts to stay organized and diciplined about it. Generally anything that I expect to go out of immediate use goes into a folder and if an entire folder of items goes unused for a long time I either sort through it for trashing and anything valuable I put into a dated "Old" folder.
  4. Wow this one is a puzzler. Here's a few things to try.... Clear your cache and then restart your client. It's a button found under the network tab in prefrences. Play with your graphics settings, try turning the avatars slider down. When your friend detached everything did they put on a different skin too? Maybe there's a bad skin texture causing it?
  5. These things usually fix themselves after 30-60 minutes. Again, try logging into an alternate location, or "home" if it is in a different simulator. You can change your login location in preferences. If all else fails submit a ticket at the help portal.
  6. Have you tried logging into a different region? Pick another simulator such as Waterhead or something memorable and under preferences change your setting to allow you to log into other locations. If you're still locked up with the sim ghost, and cannot contact the sim owner or if it's one of LL's sims, submit a ticket to LL and someone should drop in and restart the simulator for you. BTW generally the ghost isnt linked to the system fully so most IMs and messages will go to Email if you're set up that way. Not sure busy status works with a ghost though.
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