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  1. SirLeighBastard wrote: Fear information and the development of fears during childhood: effects on implicit fear responses and behavioural avoidance. Field AP & Lawson J (2003) Children who were told about fictitious monsters by adults developed irrational fears and phobias which impacted their subsequent mental health. ***Call me if you want someone to check under your bed before you retire. That is a very interesting take on the story Maddy told. One thing you might want to consider is context. In what context where the children who developed irrational fears told about fictitious monsters? Was it in an empowering manner such as the way Maddy's parents presented it to her? Or was it in a fear inducing manner, such as a way of getting children to obey by empty threats of vicious creatures or people who do bad things to bad kids? "Eat your peas or the boogeyman is going to get you!" "If you don't clean your room, monsters come and eat the socks they find under your bed!" From what I read, Maddy's dad gave the power into Maddy's hands and imagination. He limited the area in which "monsters" could roam, keeping them in the confines of the door. Maddy may not remember, but it could have easily been a way for her dad to alleviate the fear that most kids eventually develop of monsters, possibly from a sound or odd light shining through the window. I never told my child about monsters, but many kids shows and books have them. His active imagination lead him to think some unknown thing was going to do him harm in the night. His favorite toy was a stuffed duck, so we developed a routine of having "Ducky" check under the bed and in the closet for the "monsters". Ducky ate anything that didn't belong and then they slept soundly. I did the same thing Maddy's dad did; he allowed her to use her imagination but pointed it in a different more positive direction. It’s all in the mind of the beholder really. The negative minded will take only negative away from the story.
  2. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Rhonda, I have no siblings and no kids, so it's difficult for me to give the "Monster Door" experience to others the way my parents gave it to me. I think it would be wonderful for you to "plot" with your granddaughter to delight her little sister and to eventually carry that out into the wild. There is another bit of whimsy I do bring to my surroundings. I carry red stick-on reflective discs in the glove compartment of my car. When I encounter deer crossing signs, I sometimes get out of the car and stick a disc to the tip of the deer's nose. I've been doing this for nearly 40 years, all across the US. I have no idea whether anyone's ever noticed the Rudolphs. It doesn't matter. http://www.amazon.com/Gear-Gremlin-GG321-Adhesive-Reflector/dp/B00CCE63X0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451508231&sr=8-1&keywords=round+red+reflectors I do like that those reflectors are made by "Gear Gremlin". ;-). Well, Maddy, either you have passed through my town, or you have a creative kindrid soul out there somewhere.
  3. Tem Haalan wrote: Crikey Maddy, I'm not sure how long ago you changed your avatar badge but this one is almost pornographic... I love it! It doesn't take much to turn you on, does it, Tem? :smileyvery-happy::smileywink:
  4. Well, Maddy, when I said last night that you are one of the finest sorry tellers I've ever had the pleasure to meet, I wasn't just telling stories. Thank you for the beautiful stories, not just the ones you shared here, but for all the stories you've shared since I've met you. And thank you for being part of the fuel of my imagination. Happy 2016 to you and Mac as well.
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Dillon Levenque wrote: MidnightDawn Sapphire wrote: No, you are what we call a "Sweety Pie". A really nice person with a heart of gold. Good grief! Really. I have not words for this. You're just trying to make up for offering me warm root-beer. *pours cold root beer all over Maddy*
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