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  1. I've downloaded the Firestorm viewer. I used it in the past at some point, but I prefer the LL viewer. However, I prefer getting my notifications more! Thanks for the info about the bug, Whirly. I'll keep an eye on it in case they ever implement a fix. I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions!
  2. Ah. Thank you. Yeah, it feels like I'm headed in that direction . . .
  3. How do you set that, LittleMe? I can't find a place to change that particular preference. I don't actually get many items and I generally avoid subscibos except when it's something I really want to participate in so I'll definitely be clear on who's giving me what. But I can't find the option. Can you point me in the right direction? I'm using the official SL viewer... Thanks!
  4. Thanks Lindal! Yeah, that's how I handle it with in-world group notices. But subscribos don't work the same way. I'm not on many of them but the ones I am on I really want to get those notices. I may have to chalk it up to another SL anomaly though!
  5. I'm not set to busy and I actually do get the offer. I have to choose to keep or discard the notecard, it's just when I choose to keep it, the notification goes away and the notecard is nowhere to be found. But thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Thank you Adam. I have relogged without success. And this is happening with all subscribo messages. My notifications won't open attachments from in-world group messages either, when I click on them, but at least with them I can go to my groups and receive the items directly from notices. I feel like I must have some obscure setting messed up but I've been all over the menus and can't find the problem. I should probably also say, I'm using the official SL viewer.
  7. I hope someone can help me! I've been using SL for years but was out of world for a while and am now just coming back. When I log in, if I have a notification from a subscibo with a notecard attached I see the message "such and such has sent you this notecard" and I have the option to keep or delete it. But when I choose to keep it the message disappears and the notecard doesn't seem to be anywhere in my inventory. What do I have to do so that these messages will be saved? Thank you!
  8. I'm running the SL viewer on my HP laptop. Two days ago when I started the application it did an update to the latest viewer then opened normally, I logged on, was in-world for a while, signed out. The next day when I tried to load SL I got a brief spinner then . . . nothing. Nothing opened. Restarted my computer . . . same deal. Today I uninstalled SL and reinstalled it (point: when I downloaded the software Chrome gave me a warning that the file might harm my computer, which I've never seen before), but again, after install, no loading. I don't get an error message. It's like I never tried t
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