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  1. I've downloaded the Firestorm viewer. I used it in the past at some point, but I prefer the LL viewer. However, I prefer getting my notifications more! Thanks for the info about the bug, Whirly. I'll keep an eye on it in case they ever implement a fix. I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions!
  2. Ah. Thank you. Yeah, it feels like I'm headed in that direction . . .
  3. How do you set that, LittleMe? I can't find a place to change that particular preference. I don't actually get many items and I generally avoid subscibos except when it's something I really want to participate in so I'll definitely be clear on who's giving me what. But I can't find the option. Can you point me in the right direction? I'm using the official SL viewer... Thanks!
  4. Thanks Lindal! Yeah, that's how I handle it with in-world group notices. But subscribos don't work the same way. I'm not on many of them but the ones I am on I really want to get those notices. I may have to chalk it up to another SL anomaly though!
  5. I'm not set to busy and I actually do get the offer. I have to choose to keep or discard the notecard, it's just when I choose to keep it, the notification goes away and the notecard is nowhere to be found. But thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Thank you Adam. I have relogged without success. And this is happening with all subscribo messages. My notifications won't open attachments from in-world group messages either, when I click on them, but at least with them I can go to my groups and receive the items directly from notices. I feel like I must have some obscure setting messed up but I've been all over the menus and can't find the problem. I should probably also say, I'm using the official SL viewer.
  7. I hope someone can help me! I've been using SL for years but was out of world for a while and am now just coming back. When I log in, if I have a notification from a subscibo with a notecard attached I see the message "such and such has sent you this notecard" and I have the option to keep or delete it. But when I choose to keep it the message disappears and the notecard doesn't seem to be anywhere in my inventory. What do I have to do so that these messages will be saved? Thank you!
  8. I'm running the SL viewer on my HP laptop. Two days ago when I started the application it did an update to the latest viewer then opened normally, I logged on, was in-world for a while, signed out. The next day when I tried to load SL I got a brief spinner then . . . nothing. Nothing opened. Restarted my computer . . . same deal. Today I uninstalled SL and reinstalled it (point: when I downloaded the software Chrome gave me a warning that the file might harm my computer, which I've never seen before), but again, after install, no loading. I don't get an error message. It's like I never tried to open it. Can anyone please help me figure this out? Thanks!
  9. Oh my goodness. Thank you! Always something new to make things interesting . . .
  10. Is anyone else having problem with system clothing (like old, non-mesh) not rezzing? My avatar is rezzing, skin, hair, attached prims, but where the system clothing would be I'm just white. Not something I've ever seen before! Help?
  11. So I'm an Oldbie who's been out of SL for a while and am now coming back in. Long ago, I used Analu's windlight presets to make things look decent. Now I can't find them anywhere and am driving myself crazy downloading everyone else's presets and not getting anything I like. Does anyone know where I can get Analu's settings or something that would look similar? Thank you all in advance!
  12. Thank you guys for the info! When I left SL I was the last holdout, I think, who liked the official viewer. But I'll check out Firestorm!
  13. I have just come back to SL after more than a year away (thank you new computer that will actually run it acceptably). All of my old environmental presets are gone, and I'm not sure if the viewer changes since I've been away affect how all that works. I thought I'd check here to see if there's new stuff I need to know or if I can just go about downloading the Windlight presets I had before. I'm using the official viewer on Windows 8. Thanks!
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