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  1. I think its one of those things where the idea sounds like a much better than the reality. If the expressions were subtle it might be interesting but I don't know anyone that wants their face to continuously loop in the "suffocating fish" expressions most furniture uses during a romantic scene. Especially when we could echo our own sensations with animations we bought. Thanks for letting us turn them off though! Its appreciated.
  2. I found one non bento one that is pretty amazing but I will wait a bit and see if the furniture creators get their acts together.
  3. Thanks Fionalein, at this point if I can't control my own expressions on popular furniture any more I will probably just move to a mesh non-bento head and be done with it.
  4. Thanks Cindy, the first couple sets of Bento furniture I checked (AnimAlive, Ruckus) do not have a setting like that
  5. Lots of new furniture is coming out with ridiculous and immersion breaking Bento facial expressions / animations. On my Catwa head I can't use my own animations or stop Bento furniture from making my face show silly and stupid expressions. I go to a lot of sims where I don't own the furniture so I cant turn them off at the furniture level. More and more furniture makers are adding silly Bento expressions to their products so this will just get worse and worse. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying expressions if they don't work when you are on furniture and its really important to me to c
  6. I ended up finding a skin at Synnerskins that had less shading than most but just happened to work so well with my shape that I had to have it regardless
  7. One question I have is which female skins actually work for a flat chested (A-Cup) shape? I have an old teen skin from Nevermore I would like to upgrade but almost all skins these days have deep shading for cleavage. I like the Pink Fuel skins since they have a tattoo / underwear layer available for smaller breasts but that would get annoying to wear all the time. Any tips on great skins for us flat girls?
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