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  1. considering how much they had from me in upload textures yesterday @ 10L each this was abit of a joke lol
  2. Thanks for all the help ive informed my group about the phoenix viewer and see what response i get - very helpful thanks all
  3. Ive restarted it every morning since the problem started - its all still a problem - only for the last 3 days - ive had no problem in the last 2 years there till now - Im just wondering if any other sim owners are having a problem or its just my sim
  4. This last week ive had more complaints about textures not rezzing on my sim than i have in 7 years - Every day I have ims left by people who say they cannot shop on my sim and have left - theyve waited 20 minutes or more and each vendor is still grey :( The mainland store seems unaffected - so it seems to be just my sim - anyone else experiencing this? ive restarted the sim but its still a problem. - I dont seem to have too much of a problem myself although textures are slower to rez than normal
  5. wow seems to be fixed thanks LL not only is it all ok now i have things in my inventory i havent seen for years lol
  6. i was working on some items when they update took place those items are now stuck to my floor i cannot pick them up - in fact i cant pick up anything on my land
  7. I agree josh ive never argued the case with the customer i always redeliver , im just saying LL have a big issue here cos it says delivered and its not it says redelivered and its not theyre taking my commission and not delivering the goods. im having to send customers the items from my inventory because redelivery is not working
  8. 5 non deliveries in the last 2 hours - all say delivered but they were not - i tried redelivering but that didnt work either - seems there are more issues than youve mentioned
  9. Ive also experienced a number of customers complaining they have not received items even though it says delivered - these have steadily increased over the week usually i just redeliver and they get it - today i had 2 customers complain they hadnt received items - i redelivered and they still didnt get them even though it says redeliver successful, i guess im gonna be busy filling out support tickets.
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