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  1. I got booted too tried 3 sims all say the same thing. Rolling restarts usually give you a warning this did not.
  2. ok so i made 3 items to list today. the first was fine. filled everything out and its showing up in the store and "top seached products". I sent the second item to the outbox and got the error that it failed due to server issues. (go figure) but it showed up in unlisted items in my merchant section. So i filled it out and it shows in my store and my merchent list. But when i clicked on "top searched products" its not listed at all. I tried another upload and got the same error. Lets me list it, shows in my store and merchant list but not "top searched products" running singularity.... ideas?
  3. Forgive me if this has already been answered among the forums but why is it so laggy to everyone in SL? not everything is rezzing and i can't walk. Others are having the same issues. Is their a cause for this? Whats going on?
  4. I live on a quarter homestead at 2k meters in the air. Bans dont work up here and i was wondering if i was able to send a person to there own home rather than to the edge of my parcle. Is that possible? (i have full parcel rights)
  5. Ok so i downloaded winamp and shoutcast and all the stuff and I have set up the configurations in the plugin and imported my music into winamp. but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get the stream to SL? i put it in the land buts not brodcasting and me stream doesnt show up in search either... the plugin says im connected though.. i can click on my stream when i insert it to play but not in SL? is there like a blog or something for doing this in sl? and how do you talk on it? and also when i play my stream through winamp it skips and only plays the first few seconds the repeats and stops
  6. well i have made things before that back in the day was concidered high quality. but no one ever bought anything until i knocked it down to 1 lindin or free, yet other builders thought they were good. suceess = any kind of income?
  7. well first off im skilled in all things (except the new mesh) i can build, script, sculpt, clothes, textures, skins, hair, accessories put them all together then yeah i can pretty much acomplish it.. and i been here for over 4 years and have had many stores that failed so i was doing something wrong. was just trying to corner a niche. or figure out how to make one succeed but ty for the other advice
  8. lol well i tried to put it in the right catagory.:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  9. im looking to start a store in SL and was trying to figure out what is the most thing ppl want and/or buy. Houses? Furniture? Scripts? Clothes? If you wanted more of something in SL what would it be? Do you value Price or quality better?
  10. I called support... the issue has been resolved. Solution: the CC i had recently taken off wasnt actually taken off yet and it confused the system... imagine that... i even confuse computers o.0:matte-motes-silly:
  11. well i linked my bank account to paypal then went to sl and clicked billing info and clicked paypal to add it... then it went to log me in to paypal and then it said i need a CC to confirm this purchase... so i dunno which one wants it.
  12. I am trying to use paypal to bring lindens in the game yet it says i need to ad my CC info to complete this purchase? WHAT?!?! Im not trying to buy anything just link my friggen paypal to SL! Is this neccessary? What "Purchase" are they talking about?:matte-motes-stress:
  13. im sorru i thought i mentioned free scripts not the ones you have to pay for
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