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  1. I thought I got yours but I got someone else's! I saw yours in game and then when I clicked on the one that was available it was sand lol
  2. I saw one, but it could have been an abandon, I'm looking for a house house although it seems I might just need to settle for a houseboat then next time I see one
  3. Aww man I hope some more are dropped today at some point.
  4. Oh mannn when they release the actual houses is it a lot? Or just a few?
  5. Just saw the Campers, the others could have been there but I guess I missed them
  6. My avatar has horrible lines around her ankles, I've tried changing everything I can think of to fix it but nothing is working, at first I thought it was the skin but nope! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  7. I just got a new mesh shape, and Im trying to use my old skin and some old clothes however, the clothes and skin are blurry! I changed my graphics, still the same, also when I tried to use non mesh bottoms, I had like holes in my bum, do I have to wear all mesh because my shape is mesh? Would this be the cause of the blurryness?
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