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  1. I wish to purchase a full prim region. Will move and rename. Please contact me via my email for fastest response... NberMedici@gmail.com
  2. I am sorry that I have come to this thread late. Please send me a private message with the name of the person that supposedly did this. Thanks.
  3. It seems to me as if this is happening more and more on my regions. I file a ticket and it is usually back fairly quickly, but there must be an underlying reason. Anyone have a clue?
  4. Orca has made some really good suggestions. Take a look at the boat in this video. It is FREE.
  5. Hi Dru! Sorry you had the problem but glad that it got resolved. I was here in the Forum trying to find an answer to another question and saw your post.
  6. I have two parcels for a luxury yacht moorings availble for rent right on the Blake Sea. Both are in Santa Rosa sim and are suitable for a Habana Yacht or Oceanis. 3750 L per week 1700 prims Max length of yacht= 60 meters Tired of not finding a nice place to rezz your luxury yacht? Now you can not only find a beautiful location that will accept your yacht, it is also next to the very popular BLAKE SEA. Views, space, and prestige. Just what a luxury yacht deserves. Contact Nber Medici to rent.
  7. This makes me very sad.
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