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  1. I'm thinking of downgrading my Internet speed a little to save money. I'm a disabled male on a limited income.What is the least speed required to be able to play SL well? Please help if you can the system requirements just say DSL or cable. Which unfortunately doesn't help me.
  2. This is the whole problem with the abuse report system. It can be abused so much. I 'm not sure if it was abused in this case but their needs to be a better process for appealing in cases where people report over things that aren't their business or report for nothing at all
  3. I agree a lot of people have valuable things to say, I just think Linden Labs needs to make the community focus on specific topics. GD implies a free for all and that is the mentality that needs to go.
  4. I'm sorry, I don't agree with this decision. People didn't follow the guidelines with the first one why should we expect anything different now? I understand that you're trying to listen to customer feedback but I think you need to consider the whole picture. General discussion was not good for the SL community as a whole and I'm sad that it has been decided to go back down this road.
  5. I had a very emotional experience where I played a student healer in a Hogwarts roleplay. The scene was so real to me I was emotional in real li fe the patient passed away. In character.
  6. I don't see the point of the web profile. It seems completely useless
  7. Welcome, I hope your first order of business is to reverse bad policies. From the teens coming in to the world. To AR abuses. To the ridiculous parts of the TOS. SL needs to go back to what worked. How did they gain this mass popularity to begin with, If it worked once it will work again As far as listening to the residents argument some make. That is how Linden Lab got into this mess. They are trying to please everyone and you just can't please everyone Hopefully you will bring back the fun and the frivolity back to SL. Of course it depends on how much your hands are tied, I hope t
  8. I wonder if they will be adult products on public Linden land which they seem intent to bring minors into? Just thinking out loud here.,
  9. I have read that all again, provided my 2 cents somewhere above and made now a summary from my view which I like to share with you Linden Lab: Linden Lab should concentrate all efforts only on technology, reasonable prices, advertising the platform and excellent customer service. This is all what we need. Here are the reasons: I have no doubt that the youth is the future, because this is logical, but the age of 18+ is young enough to be the future of Second Life. It worked in the boom times and it will work in the future if you advertise the platform in a professional way. The younger you
  10. Adults built most of the internet too and yet teens are welcome there (with relevant controls in place to limit their access to adult material, as is now the case for SL). The sooner 'adults' stop seeing SL as somehow different from the rest of the internet, the sooner we can move forward constructively and be done with all the 'angst'. No, I'm sorry but that isn't the case with SL. They are letting teens IM whomever they please and letting whomever IM teens as they please. That is not a controlled environment
  11. I have to agree with Shock wave, again. If we can't convince LL of the dangers of this move, perhaps the Nanny groups can... I have one solution to add. It is obvious to me, that we cant lable teen's profiles with a "T"(for instance). Due to naughty people wanting to stalk them. But, Adding a "A" flag to adults profiles will provide the same protection for us Adults. This "A" profile flag will only work for verified adult accounts. It will give us all a way to be certain we are interacting with other adults, or adjust our behavior if no "A" is visible. Please give us this obvious way
  12. Whilst I would love to be the one that says: "Yay, let the kids come and enjoy Second Life too." I'm afraid, I can't. I am disappointed that you have chosen to close the children's grid without putting enough effort into making the teen grid a safe environment for the children to experience that does not involve them coming into contact with adults. You could have secured government funding for the teen-grid with children all over the world signing up as well as finding a way for skills development and government education departments to invest. After all - it's money you want - isn't it? I a
  13. You must be joking right? Are you sure you have thought of why what you just said sounds...well I dont want this post ARed. So you are telling me that unless they demonstrate they are taking reasonable procautions, you will go on a cruisade against them? Are you also telling me that when underage people go on the internet, SL is the ONLY place they can access adult material from? Are you also telling me that you know whats best for everyone and are willing to impose your opinion on everyone else? Are you also telling me that somehow you will order these filtering companies to comply with what
  14. Okay, I want a teen blocker available to adults who do not wish to interact with teens A script or device to prevent any contact and to flag a warning if someone is using a under age account. I dont want my SL experience compromised by having to change my appearance or behaviour due to the presence of minors. That being said...... if anything happens in SL that creates a problem in RL for teens or adults with teens I think this will be LL's responsibility. This was a terribly bad idea and yes I am a premium member so maybe someone might consider if we are PAYING for this experience we dont
  15. It has nothing to do with raunchy, sexual behavior. general/PG means just that. From my understanding, there are to be no mature behaviors. These include profanity, risque jokes or anything of that sort. Basically, when I am on a general sim, my guideline is.."Could I say/do that in church or in front of my highly religious and prusish grandmother?" I dress appropriately and carry myself in that fashion. As for IM's, I have never made it a practice to entertain long conversations with those I can't see. Even among my friends, we'll go to their house, my house or a beach or club for any r
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