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  1. this has been going on now for 3 months. I am about to make them happy by giveing up. but i hope they read all this and learn to address this process
  2. Just a little side not to all this is my real reason for fighting so hard. 1. I dont feel I did what they say and now that I know what I did was close I would never again. 2. 200 friends gone in a flash. and if your use to liveing on sl for 3 years with no problems, who thinks of gathering emails. so i have no way of contacting friends to let them know. That is the saddest part. your life can be distroyed at anyones will
  3. This is all good info. I have recived my email notice with what I did in there eyes or somones eyes. But my point is still this. After they send this they will no longer talk to you so you can try and explain or drffend yourself. You cant see what they see in the case. So tell me. How do we know somone that is mad at you dident just make it up. send in a report with edited chat log or a doctored pic?? I dont have a problem with TOS. I agree there is one. But 3 years of good liveing and 1 mistake that your not even sure you did or if it was just miss understood shouldent be the end with no talk. I know in my case I will probly never win or get back onto SL even if I love SL but i do hope LL reads these and mabe works on this process to make it a bit more fair on appeals. Wrong is wrong. but if you dont realize somthing you did is wrong or it was misreprsented is this system fair? I say no If you read blogs the only advice given is how to chang your IP to get back in. Well what if we want to respect LL and SL and get back in the right way? There is no way for us to do this.
  4. ok so far I dont disagree, but my point to all this is I have done all I am to do with my appeals, and have been told case closed. with nothing told to me or shown to me. Sence I disagree with there findings i have submitted new cases in appeal and there closed with no reply. How do I know after 3 good yeas of just fun liveing and a ton of money somone that dosent like me dident turn in an edited chat log or a doctored pic just to get me Banned? I know what they say I did and I have sent letters trying to clear it up but no reply. I want to be heard is all I am asking for, not found guilty after 3 wonderfull years for nothing
  5. well part of the reason for this thred is that i have done all this. Mostly I want to know how it can work when it isent ever reviewed. were told to appeal but yet were not even answered or listened to
  6. Hi I am just wondering how this system can work or be fair, They say you can appeal but yewt they wont talk to you or reply. all they do is keep closing your cases when you try. I dont want to be the kind to sneek in the back door by changing my IP or somthing, I want my fair day to be heard. How can you call this an appeal process when you wont shair the evadence or even desuse it. What am I to do???
  7. well i for 1 can say. they dont give worning and the use of daddy words to LL is age play, I have full ban even IP ban from daddy rp. I know it was probly submitted by just a pic or somthing for non was done in public, Stupid people assume things. Sadly LL wont give you any wornings and they wont give you the evadence on this offence so you can never deffend yourself or change your ways.
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