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  1. Oh but what a day it was! What happened is that a complete stranger sent me a partner request. At first I figured it was a mistake... that his girlfriend's display name was Victoria. So I accepted on her behalf. I'm sure that's what she would have wanted. Then I looked at the guy's profile, and saw he was two days old. So I figured that he had sent a partner request in the same way new people send friend requests, as a facebooky way of saying hello. I was pretty nice. I walked around places, feeling very different. I thought, "Now I can visit that swinger's club I've heard about." Th
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I can see after fooling with them for a while that you're right. But I have been little by little moving them into folders in inventory and from there into a texture organizer. It is a little tedious, but not too... and I'm more than halfway done.
  3. Thanks, Peggy. I guess it's just a matter of time, then. I suppose I was going to drag them into the organizer out of inventory, so dragging them from the box to the organizer is no different really.
  4. I got the whole set of Torley's textures, and I want to load them into a texture organizer so I can sift through them. I've tried to load them into my inventory, but each time I can see that they aren't all there. I mean, if I compare what's in my inventory to what's inside the box, I can see that many just didn't get copied. Does anyone know where I could get them in smaller bunches, or have some recommendation of how I can grapple with such a huge load of textures?
  5. If you think about how last names disappeared, it was because we asked to be able to change our names. So I don't think it's odd that people are suspicious of the "title" business. I suspect it's connected with one of last year's buzzwords "gamification" and similar in concept to the ranks we have here in the forums.
  6. Because I use Firestorm, I wasn't aware that the official viewer's inventory didn't have cut-and-paste. I don't know how people can get along without it! In any case, one feature that would be lovely to have is to be able to put on prim items as easily as you can other types of clothes. I mean, if an item is highlighted, and you hit ENTER, it should go onto your body, whether it's a prim or not. Ditto for double-clicking an item. It would make inventory far more intuitive, since all items would behave the same.
  7. I use Firestorm 3 because it runs best on my computer. It almost never crashes, things rez quickly, and I have very little lag. With LL's viewer, on the other hand, my avatar never rezzes, and the viewer crashes frequently. I know people whose experience is exactly the opposite of mine. So I'm not surprised that people's preferences are different.
  8. Think about it this way: you don't have to re-do eighty-three shapes if you want to sell them. What I mean is, most shape shops only display about a dozen shapes. You only have to get a small number of shapes ready in order to start selling them. I think somewhere between seven and ten would be enough. What do you need to sell a shape? You need to make your own copy of the shape, as everyone's been saying. Then you need to take pictures, so people can see what they're buying. It's good to show the whole body, a close up of the face, and a shot from the back. A demo (with huge hands and feet)
  9. I ordered seven items from Marketplace while I was at work. Tonight when I logged in, I accepted each one of them. Moments later when I went to organize the items, I couldn't find any! I looked up the names in my Marketplace account, searched for each one, and none of them were there. I looked at grid status, but don't see any problem listed there. Edited to add: I wish there was an easier way to reply to responses, but... thanks for replying, LoveAngel. I *was* charged for the items, I was *sent* the items, I *accepted* the items, but they don't appear in my inventory. I know I can get them
  10. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Victoria wrote: I've had the same experience: I used to be first in search, and now I don't seem to be there at all. I guess LL hasn't worked out all the kinks of this username/display name business. Even if you search for "Victoria Resident" I don't appear. That may be related to your profile coming up blank: https://my.secondlife.com/victoria Should it? There seems to be a bug right now where some people will fully filled in profiles come up with blank entries when viewed. No, there is stuff in my profile. I have my privacy settings to "Second Life" so yo
  11. Reggae wrote: Victoria wrote: I have received gifts meant for people whose display name is Victoria, so I know for a fact that display names can mix people up. With the name 'Reggae' I get an IM every now and then asking about some 'event', 'sale' or 'DJ' schedule. I got in early on this account, since its an alt and I therefore knew what was coming, and got a meaningful name - so people assume the account is something commercial. I just happen to be Rastafarian and a lover of Reggae. Rasta was taken, Rastagirl / Rastawoman sound cheesy, Rastafari would be heretical, and Reggae was
  12. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: To further your little analysis lets say on both the email and voicemail you sent/left you make it a point to call your landlord a name other than his name. Say his name is Rod Humble and you decide to address him as Mr. Bumble. Just for laughs, of course, but how would you expect Mr. Humble to react? Would he be inclined to bust his butt to please you? Or would he just think, "Well the monthly rent check is good so I'll just ignore it and do what I think needs to be done." Actually, if he reacted that way that is quite admirable on his part. I've never done
  13. The relation between us and LL is like this: Imagine that you are renting an apartment, and every so often your landlord changes something. You never see him; he always does it when you're out. Some of the things he does are good and some are not. You're grateful for some of his changes, but others drive you up the wall. He will do good things like paint the hallway, but he doesn't fix the leaky toilet you've been complaining about for months. And even though he promptly cashes your rent checks, you have no way of communicating with him. You can send him letters or emails or leave voicemail m
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