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  1. it really depends on what you are looking for. The few designers i know who are doing custom rigged mesh clothing for example charge between $130 to $150 US an item (they only sell full perm and include the dae files). But you can always find someone willing to do it cheap.... that said one well known designer purchased cheap mesh 'custom' items only to find they were from renderosity.... so buyer be warned and all that
  2. Check out faMESHed ... its a monthly event that showcases ONLY original mesh designers. Its a great place to find new designers dipping their toes into mesh maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fresco/164/181/45
  3. maybe these? they are from e! Eclectic Apparel maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/M arsco/95/100/403 theres three belt colours in each pack
  4. This is correct. Alpha layers will still be needed. This is mostly because of the absolutely HORRIBLE base SL avatar which bends ridiculously. In order for mesh clothing designers to have clothing which moves well an alpha will still be needed. However there will be some cases where they wont be or where they may be smaller than before.
  5. That is an issue with the rigging of the item. From the look of the movement im guessing you just copied the weights from the SL avatar. This is never a good idea as the rigging of the SL avatar to the skeleton is horrible and it moves awful. You need to weight paint your item and smooth out rhe rigging. Also keep in mine that well rigged items WONT match perfectly to the SL avatar because the SL avatar moves horribly and if you want your clothing to move nicely your avatar will peek through (thats why we use alpha layers)
  6. the stripes shouldnt be overlayed the wrinkles and creases should be instead
  7. attach to your calf not your foot
  8. sidd is right. mesh diesnt take anything CLOSE to 3 minutes to make. even if you decided to do it with MD and the god awful auto rigging in blender you are looking at a few hoyrs work for something that will look like **bleep** anyway
  9. As was already said there is no solution. This is an error by the lindens in the creation of the layers and is unable to be rectified by you. It is an issue with has bugged those of us making clothing for years. The work around is to use the jacket layer as opposed to the pants and top layer
  10. I pretty much only wear mesh clothing now. Though i have a destinct advantage in making my own. But most non mesh skirts and dresses just dont looks right to me anymore and thats what i wear most of the time
  11. As a designer I am absolutely in LOVE with mesh. The old clothing looks ridiculoius to me now quite often. Mesh has sparked my creativity again. I love doing things which never could have been achieved without mesh like a draped back on a dress or a mini skir that looks like a mini skirt should or jackets that done cut my body in half
  12. Not sure but there is MMM12 which has some awesome mesh clothing http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FATEisland/128/128/22
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