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  1. I cant in my account it keeps saying my password has a problem please help, i tried sevral times already i cant even get in the browser im about to get panic mode attacks
  2. I cant log in in anything even on browser it keeps saying my password is wrong please help before i get into panic mode again
  3. everything is enabled in land and on my avi but my voice wont work please help im not the only one having this issue
  4. LunaDanez


    I tried enlisting some of my items jsut wont go active, i tried activating over and over but its no use, it just wont enlist items please tell me what to do at least.
  5. I seem to keep having trouble listing some of my work in marketplace nomatter how many times i click on edit and activate it wont let it be listed i got tired of those that cant be listed and deleted them then i tried it again and still wont list...any ideas how to fix this thing?
  6. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: i guess that helps thanks people havent done that before so im asking.
  7. i was jsut wondering how muchpeople are willing to pay for custom made items?
  8. I was trying to enlist 2 outfits that that I made but for some strange reason all my other outfits has gotten listed except for 2-3 outfits please help, i need answers on these
  9. frankly the items im trying to sell is something i made freebie is there a way for me put it up its taking forever to load it
  10. I been trying to place in an item for sale its clothes so im trying to sell them as i made them trouble is its not showing on my merchat inventories, is it just me or are there others experiencing this? it says that the magic box is in sync with my inventory but its not even showing in my inventories got any ideas on what to do next?
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