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  1. I prefer para rp but my style is normally 5 minutes per post (never ran into the 10 min norm). I don't think it's the sims but rather the rp partners you are finding. You should always feel comfortable communicating your preferences in IM to the other player. "Hey. I like description but can we limit the posts to three sentences or 4 minutes between posts" or something like that. If the person doesn't like it then move on....
  2. I'm looking for a house furnished with adult animations in the style of Bazar. Anyone have any recommendations besides Bazar?
  3. Just as many women play male avi's too. Hopefully you can find somebody honest. Good luck!
  4. Everyone is different. Everyone enjoys sl for different reasons. I'm a married female and more often then not my hubby is right besides me. He doesn't mind that I rp. BUT he would mind if I suddenly started voicing and skyping with various men in order to prove that I am female. Today, because I would not prove my sex, I was harrased and essentially "gay bashed." I blocked the idiot, of course, but it had me fuming. First, why gay bash? It's so 1990's and only symbolizes your inept masculinity and small **bleep** syndrome. Second, If you need to know somebody's A/S/L before rp'ing then you need eHarmony and not SL. Third, I feel much better. Thanks for listening to my rant. :)
  5. It's the main 2nd Life viewer and others can see the problem as well. I've tried clearing cache and relogging. It is very strange that it only happens randomly to one particular avi.
  6. I am a rp'er and have several alts. However, I rarely use one of my alts simply because whenever I wear attachments they seem to go where they please. The hair is both on her head and hanging off her butt. A shoe might be floating in front of her and not on her foot. It doesn't happen to any other avi. I've tried process of elimination and I've taken everything off many times but there must be something making this particular avi glitchy. Does anyone have any ideas? I would like to use her in a new rp but ugh....annoying.
  7. It's all about expectations and communicating them AND humor. Fed, if you are reading this, I expect diamond rings daily!! :heart:
  8. if this is what you are experiencing then this post worked for me. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Hover-Keeps-Resetting-to-0/td-p/2162803
  9. My skin was made by a friend that has long since left sl. I loved the skin and still do but it needs updating. Yes, I've tried many many many other skins. My friends have sent me to various stores that have similiar looking skins but nothing looks the same. Guess I will have to take the plunge and accept the change.
  10. I'm sure her death will be a little more painful than either of those examples. :matte-motes-agape: Awesome, Tex! You made me snort!
  11. IM if you would be interested in a short term journalist rp (female) for our story. You will most likely will be killed off for dramatic purposes. Euro time preferred. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. I don't want buy a new skin. I want to have my original skin updated. Does anyone know of this service in sl?
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