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  1. THIS WORKED and Thank You Thank You Thank YouI. This has been such a struggle for and this fived it.
  2. Thank you so much for trying but that did not work for me either. Nothing has worked and what makes me mad is that SL will not allow me to send a proper ticket. I purchase merchandise there yet right now my account is useless.
  3. I have tried using random letters such as "a' or "Gjhtry" in the invnetory search. It shows as loading but I cannot werar anything as it tiellme they are not loaded "yet/" VERY VERY Frustrating for me. Tnakks all for suggestions
  4. I have cleared my cache but how do I find a low lag simm?
  5. My Inventory will not D/L.  It shows up in my Inventory list but if I try to wear or pick up an object then I get a message that says I cannot wear it until my inventory downloads and that never seems to happen.  I can wait hours and it never happens.  I have used Viewer 2 and Phoenix with the same resultsTo me I look like a cloud while to others I apppear normal but cannot change any part of my appearance I  tried to post a ticket no luck.It took me to a palce where is asked what probkems I  was having with Aviline issues and I do not even know what that is.  I am ubnable to use my viewer and cannot post a ticket unless I want to read about Aviline issues..
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