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  1. I'm hopeful some expert out there can recommend preference setting changes that could help alleviate the following issue... I've experienced major lag on my 1024 corner parcel for the last couple of weeks. Everything is normal on my build platform about 300 m up. On the ground, it's another story. I haven't added any objects in a long time, nor changed anything or modified any objects already here. It was also present before the latest Firestorm update, which didn't seem to have any positive or negative effect. Using Firestorm's Lag Meter, I can't get a green framerate anywhere on my parcel... it's either yellow or red. Standing toward the outside, near the water, puts the frame-rate into the red. Moving inward (away from the water) improves the framerate into the yellow. I've flown around the sim and I get a green framerate everywhere. I used a separate lag meter for the sim and got the following result: [12:09] True Lag Reporter LSL: Lag test starting.... [12:09] True Lag Reporter LSL: Time = 1.000000 [12:09] True Lag Reporter LSL: Fast Sim [12:09] True Lag Reporter LSL: Good I have my draw distance at 48, quality and speed are at Minimum, atmospheric shaders turned off, shadows off... you get the idea. According to the About Land window: Parcel Script Memory: Memory used: 5840 kb out of 0 kb; -5840 kb available URLs used: 0 out of 233; 233 available The object that uses the most Parcel Script Memory is, ironically, the ACS Security Orb provided by the land company, at 1024 kb. All my furniture, which isn't much, drops down in usage to the low hundreds or less. I used a script counter on myself, in case my clothing or shoes were to blame, and got the following result: [12:19] Script & Memory Use Scale Counter: Total Scripts: 15 Total Memory: 864k [12:19] Script & Memory Use Scale Counter: Congratulations! Script weight under 3 mb. Bottom line is I can't find anything that could account for my parcel's lagginess. I asked the land manager to restart the sim just a couple of days ago, with no noticeable effect. Advice? Thanks!
  2. Yoki: You were totally right... eliminating the "x" in the texture dimensions allowed the rating to change to General. I changed the "x" to the word "by," so the dimensions now read "512 by 512". Think how much time and aggravation could be saved for vendors if SL would just tell us this stuff upfront, or if they had considered the fact that dimensions are used all the time in descriptions... for structures, prims, textures, and more. A lone "x" doesn't automatically mean something is X-rated. Thanks, Yoki.
  3. TC: Could it have done that because you don't have Moderate listing results checked? That's my fear, that with this unwarranted Moderate rating my product won't show up in search results.
  4. I've been battling SL Marketplace's automatic tagging system regarding two texture packs I'm listing. The system automatically converts the General rating for the textures to Moderate, telling me that "...the text in the description field forced a change in the maturity level." There is absolutely nothing objectionable in the descriptions, or in the texture packs. I've tried multiple versions, different wordings, had other people read through them... nothing works. Has anyone else had issues with this? If so, is there any way around it? It's a pretty crappy system that tells you that something is amiss, but fails to give you any clue what that might be so you can fix it. If you want to read the descriptions, they are at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hollywood-Days-Coordinated-Texture-Pack-Baily-Studio/1898187 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hollywood-Nights-Coordinated-Texture-Pack-Baily-Studio/1898226 Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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