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  1. Update for everyone that this may happen it worked i submitted a ticket asking LL to turn the sims back online so i may get my belongings and they did and very timely as well only took 15 minutes or less thanks for the help and info
  2. actually there is vahalla estate ive used for years never once any issues they just didnt have a open homestead when i need one so i went and rented from another estate company i should have just waited on renting and went with valhalla lesson learn ill send a support ticket thanks for your responce
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    i rented a  1/4 sims and the estate company i rented from failed to pay LL and it was taking back now i have none of my stuff i had on my land  it has almost been a week and nothing has been returned to my lost and found  anyone no how long this process takes or what i have to do in order to get my things returned to me
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