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  1. Just because someone says they are something , it doesn't mean it's true, especially in SL. If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they were a Super Model/Astronaut/Brain Surgeon, I'd have....a few dollars at least. I know they aren't, because I'm one. And I never see any of them at the meetings.
  2. Billings, Montana. Annnd, where is SL now? Someplace near Cleveland I think.
  3. A new wrinkle today. Now it tells me my password and or user name are incorrect, even though I know I'm entering them correctly, as a way to start the Login Dance. Now I know why I stayed away from here for so long.
  4. Coby Foden wrote: wiked Anton wrote: you obviously have no idea, or just like to waste time....good luck with that Just the opposite, I tried to save time. I was in hurry like OP, so I had no time to fill it all. Anyway I did answer the main question. I'm with you. That's the only question that needs to be answered, the rest is just the usual data mining. Yes, SL is infinitely safer than RL. What happens in SL doesn't really happen to YOU.. There is no log off or TP away in RL. You can't create a new account if things go badly. You don't get unlimited alts.
  5. I can't say for sure what trending is, I pretty much avoid mysecondlife, but you have no control over what goes there. Mine is full of it as well, just as every other SL users is. I don't know if it takes the most liked comments and puts them up or what, but don't worry about it.
  6. 16 wrote: i think you probably not like it if could mod your dashboard. if can do that then next step will be able to mod your inworld my.profile people then will bling them up with wallpaper and shiny. and puppies and kittens. and change all the text labels to unicodes. will make your eyes pop out your head if you not wearing sunnys when you profile perv if can do that (: That's OK, I'm not a serial profile reader anyway. Actually, that would help me to identify people to stay away from.
  7. Boudicca Littlebird wrote: They did have the logins as one once but for only a short time, they started banning people from the forum but not from second life, when they banned people from the forum they were also banned from the other parts of the web, I know people this happened to, so they then changed it so that you had to log in both, now people that are banned from the forum can get the other parts of the web sites, so you could say they split up the logins so they could control what was said on the forum, china do very similar things. Yeah. I'd say it was a Chinese Fiiredrill, but
  8. OK, is it just me, or is logging into the various parts of this website an exercise in futility. I go through the same thing everytime I try. Login at the main page, get sent to the Dashbored (tm). Use the Community link to get to the forum, and have to sign in again. IF I'm lucky, I get here logged in, but usually I get a 404 error, perhaps several, or I get sent to the Help page. I go back to the forum, login and get sent back. If I go back to the main page, where I'm logged in and try to get to the forum, I get there unlogged, and when I try to log in, any combination of the above happens.
  9. Did you send an Abuse Report for the place? That's the first step to getting it closed down.
  10. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: I don't bother with the dashboard except for managing my accounts. Transaction history and lindens. I could care less what is on my DB I get bored with my dash I wish I had thought of that for the title. "Are you bored with your dash? "
  11. And to answer your question...yes.:matte-motes-smile:
  12. It's fairly simple. Go to your Dashbored . Click Account, then Billing Information. From there you can add a payment source such as a credit card or paypal.
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