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  1. A lot of the time the only info available on a Gacha is on the Gacha key if i have a try on one and get an item i don't want it goes straight in to my marketplace and i grab a snap of the key with all the gacha items on for the marketplace. When i do get round to listing a gacha i can only put in as much info as i know about

  2. 4 hours ago, KC1990 said:

    What does everyone think of these suggestions?

    They're not going to happen it's been made the price it is presumably because it's a lot of hassle to alter someones name on all their inventory and everything they've created. I know on other forums and similar places if you decide you don't like your user name anymore they would rather you set up a new account because it's more trouble than it's worth to get all your posts and what not linked to another name

  3. 1 hour ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    you can nót put your own house on a linden home parcel, you'r limited to the choice that's in the mailbox/buoy at the parcel

    This is partially true you can't put your own home at ground level but you can rezz a flat prim platform the size of your plot send it to 2000+ meters in the sky and put a dwelling on there


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  4. 6 hours ago, xBaeBeex said:

    the issue i had with the maitreya body is when i wear certain clothes/outfits, and then take them off..half my body parts come off with it. and yes..i do have the new version. clothes like scandalize it happens alot.. so im forever pulling my hud back out to "show all" body parts..which is a pain for me. This doesn't happen on the legacy.. nothing disappears when i change clothes around. 

    That happens when the clothes you buy are using an older version of auto alpha that doesn't undo the alpha-ing when you take them off

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  5. 8 minutes ago, usagihara said:

    but there are also full bright photos and even curtains so i think she just likes the effect.

    It might be she is running SL with the absolute minimum settings and isn't seeing it. Certainly 11-12 years ago when i first started with a machine not cut out for SL playing around with full bright & glow i couldn't see the effect and left it maxed out but a friend could and they wondered if i'd meant to do it

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  6. Feels like the whole of Bellisseria has the Apple Fall hall unit in their homes. swapped mine out for this nice offering Peaches had for Saturday Sale. Needed resizing to fit in the Hardy Victorian. The light only has one light mode that can't be modified: blindingly bright so haven't kept it rezzed 


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  7. 11 hours ago, annettehnc said:

    I love TMP!  Having said that...my stylemode isn't responding.  Is there an update I need, or a link to redownload?

    It's been flaky as to whether it works or not (could be linked to external server) and if you go to "The Shops" you need media enabled to access the shopping experience and also accept their own region experience. My TMP owning alt couldn't get the re-delivery option to show anything so i'm assuming it only works for the new "Legacy" line of bodies and nothing prior. If you are using TMP on your main account it might be time to get another body

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  8. While I can and do manage on limited Li for my home space on mainland around the same or less than the campers I couldn't make a camper my full time Bellisseria property.  I had a few in the space between abandoning my trad and waiting for the Vic's the best one I had looked out over a lake. They're just a bit small for my liking plus I'd have tier I'd more than likely not use use going to waste. For once in my SLife I like the luxury of having a full 351 Li to be frivolous with 

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  9. There's supposed to be one coming to my town otherwise it's a long drive to my nearest one, If i go in one the snack/lunch box options are always done so they're overflowing with chips (fries) end up taking what i can't finish home to reheat for dinner, prefer to have the boneless chicken as it's less greasy

  10. Text, you can always respond at your own pace. Never done voice, never had the means or the inclination to do it. Not really interested in hearing other peoples home lives in the background and wouldn't want to inflict mine on to others 

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  11. 12 hours ago, Drayke Newall said:

    Why do I get the feeling this is just a short term fix until we see sellers and resellers just abusing the system (like they are already) by just selecting unlimited quantities when listing them.

    If the seller has a No Copy Gacha item the system recognises how many items there are be it a single item or you have 5 of the same item to sell using the same listing you can't abuse the system and select unlimited quantities there is no option 

    on one of my own Gacha listings i get this in the quantities section


    Available quantity:1 You may add or remove stock units using the Marketplace Listings folder in the viewer.


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  12. 11 hours ago, LulabellsAmour said:

    I am in the Belli area, the lag is very very bad, but I am noticing neighbors all around me, building garages, extra patios, etc,  I tried to lower my max particles and everything else I could lower, and ended up seeing myself as an orange blob. 

    In the Bellisseria group inworld there was something mentioned about turning on Object to Object occlusion or something like that in the develop menu (Ctrl + Shift + O) to improve things. It does give a performance boost i've notice lag is less bad with it active

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  13. By default the Marketplace sorts by relevance at the very top of listings will be featured products which merchants pay to have their products featured below the featured items section i don't really know how relevance is decided upon recent sales and/or listing views may play a part though all items in the winter fashion feature will have the keyword "Winter" 

  14. Akeyo would be worthwhile checking out you can buy animations individually, the walk i use in my AO from there is says it's called "Discreet Lady" and just looks like a normal regular walking style

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