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  1. I've never felt the need to use a security system and keep people out, there's almost no such thing as total privacy unless you have your own private region that only allows select people in. In my Linden home I do have the feature set that means people outside my parcel can't see me due to some of my items having adult animations but that's as far as security goes for me. If people decide they want to wander around my home if I'm there or not they are welcome to 

  2. Except on very rare occasions jewellery's not something i go out of my way to shop for or specifically shop for most of the stuff i own has been hunt/event freebies. That said i have parted with money on things from Cae https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55816 the complexity of 2-3 necklaces i wear from there is very reasonable along with 4-5 other jewellery pieces i regularly wear from other places including Zoom & Avaway my total complexity can come in as low as under 40k

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  3. I have ended up a couple of times, When the owner of Trilegy "free land" vanished from SL and stopped doing fortnightly cleans everyone grabbed any prims they could to live on Trilegy until LL cleared the land i think the land had been in Gov Linden ownership some while before it was cleared and when i rented a mall booth on a small shopping area adjoining Freebie Dungeon. The owner of the land couldn't pay tier got banned from SL their land remained active for years until LL cleared it

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  4. If you only want to wear a few outfits there's nothing wrong with that. I personally found before my mesh body when i didn't have loads of outfits that weren't entirely system layer, i got tired of cycling through the same limited looks. If money is an issue for kitting out your future mesh body there's loads of freebies out there from places already mentioned. I also love Fifty Linden Friday and Saturday sale for inexpensive fashion. If you like your home decor you can also pick up lots of quality buildings, home and garden items every week from Fifty Linden Friday cheaply

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  5. Unless it's a special gift body, skins on the bodies usually put out as freebies can't be change at least not on the Alatmura Kim body one of my alts has

  6. 1 hour ago, wesleytron said:

    Well... if the moles feel they are getting harassed then they can file an abuse report.

    Or they can block off all public access to the work in progress sims as i believe has been mentioned before

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  7. 1 hour ago, KT Kingsley said:

    I do hope that they can be persuaded to either leave a few of them or to create some new 512m² homes for people who've used part of their 1024m² allowance elsewhere.

    They are in the process of creating Caravans to go on a 512sqm plot they were previewed at one of the SL16B sims they aren't as spacious as the old homes. though with new homes being allowed to have a sky structure above 2000m you could rezz something more roomy

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  8. Normally i wait till events quieten down before attempting to go look round. This time i went to Uber on opening day. If you must get in to events on opening day/when they are most packed premium is worth it, i got in to the main sim first try. When i went main sim was heaving and cam sims were full. Any event with a birthday round and freebies will always be much more popular than normal.

  9. There are lots of sandboxes around both privately and Linden run that would do just what you want. if you open up the map in your viewer type in sandbox and a whole list of mostly if not wholly LL sandboxes will come up some you wont be able to get in to if you aren't premium you won't have trouble finding one you'll can use. if you aren't comfortable rezzing at ground level there's always the option of a sky platform i'll usually make use of the one in the freebie mysti-tool set it to rezz several thousand meters in the sky

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  10. Surely imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Much like my skybox on mainland if anyone decides they want to have a nosey round my Bellisseria property they are welcome to, if they like my style of decorating and want to try my ideas in their own property I take is as a compliment that my style isn't that bad

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