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  1. I'm not professionally involved in the viewer development, but i think the restrictions would be tied to the 'account', rather than to the viewer. Similar to the current restrictions: some 'accounts' can not visit adult land, regardless what viewer i use.
  2. I'm not sure where I did read it (will try to find), but it sounded like there is no question that 16-17 agers get this limit. When they stand on a PG sim and look towards the neighbor mature sim, they'll only see the ocean. The mature sim will not appear. I'll give it a try to find this statement. However, LL drives a quite straight line with the age thing. So i'm quite sure they will prevent minors from seeing moderate/adult sims. Technically, of course teens can move their cam to a location where a mature sim exists, but it's also possible to prevent a viewer to 'download/display') blank sea, instead of the land/content. Edit: i did NOT read about it at this jira SVC-6242, it was somewhere else...
  3. Seems you are not aware of or ignoring some details. 13-15 years: are NOT able to 'visit' the grid. They are NOT able so 'see' regular gid-sims. They're restricted to specific sims, assigned by the educators. They are NOT able to see search results neither in world not at marketplace. 16-17 years: can connect to the regular grid, but are limited to PG sims, not able to see mature sims, even if these are adjacent. So it's very unlikely 16-17 year olds will visit your private mature place (at least the teens with proper age-info - the others (age-cheaters) are already talking on mature places.). And it will be quite impossible that you meet 13-15 agers - you have no access to their edu-sims, they have none to the grid.
  4. Fully agree with "The only thing ... is more to do in Second Life, appealing to more people." Meshes will make content look good and i like it - but a good look is not enough. Task for creators: think a bit long term. Sure, people will buy the new mesh-hair for (several reasons). But it will not make people stay in SL - because it quickly gets boring to just 'look good'. Innovations.. Task for LL: performance, stability, as well as improving the scripting language since this is what makes the world 'interactive'...and innovations...
  5. I love the idea of having polygonal hardwood prims and triangles ... and shape them... But see, if we could edit them in-world (beside of the nice feeling) - it would still require to learn 'completely new methods' to edit them in-world. Methods like "chamfer", "extrude" and "tesselate".
  6. If LL would just implement the basic polygon-editing-tools into the viewer, you would still have to learn them. With 'basic tools' i'm still pointing at Wings3D. This would be the amount of useful tools for mesh- and it's UV-editing. If you call this 'a mass to learn', then you maybe just overrate it ? It must be learned - in- or off-world. Since i like many, pay a lot for SL, alts, land,...: I more than expect that LL provides, maintains and develops the basics/grid - i insist on it. Regarding the feeling of building live in-world: I know it and like it. However, 3 years ago, when sculpties came into a vague beta - my world didn't go down because i had to sculpt in an external app. And when i arranged and scripted the sculpts inworld, the nice feeling was back again . Animators would have far more reasons to call for in-world tools, seriously. While a mesh (assumption) will inworld look exactly like in the external app, animations heavily suffer during their import. Animation upload causes a lot of trial, error and gray hairs.
  7. Seriously, just embarrassing how some residents behave. For the sake of decency i quote without names. "before mesh goes live Linden Lab lab needs to provide tutorials for Blender..." - hilarious, try http://www.google.de/search?q=blender+modeling+tutorial on your own. For people who are new to polygon modeling, i'd rather suggest this http://www.google.de/search?q=wings3d+tutorial. Converted to lowercase, because shouting makes wrinkles: "Linden Lab has to provide/improve in-world building tools"...hey: LL is starting the beta test about SL 'handling' poly-meshes. This is a first step. Why are you shouting for the second step already ? Personally i'm not eager to see in-world tools developed by LL. I see it as waste of LL's development resources. We have well working offline editors, available for everybody (i'm using wings3d). LL doesn't need to re-invent this wheel. However, it's possible 3rd party developers develop such viewer-modeling-combo if people request it. But LL should continue to focus on grid, scalability, stability and speed.
  8. Just because emerald users praise this feature, it does NOT mean it's a good/needed one...
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