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  1. "If all of you really were thinking of Second Life and not of yourself and your Blender skills and the Linden Dollar bling you´d favor a simple Prim/Linkset to Mesh converter. This would be efficient enough to change SL into a mesh paradise. " Meant sarcastic or ironic, I guess.
  2. I don't know it for sure, but according to the wiki only the mail that matches the llGetNextEmail-filters (address/subject) is removed from the queue. Since all other mails remain unchanged, it's IMO very likely that the queue fills up...and at some point can't receive/store further mails. So just checking the address/subject inside the email-event and using llGetNextEmail with empty filters.
  3. I fear the answer is 'no'. Adding the grey-layer gives you the wanted of reducing the sculpty's size, but also has the side effect that it reduces the color-space/-range and this leads in reduced precision in-world.
  4. Not sure what program you mean...SL's importer counts triangles (because they are what matters for the render engine). If you refer to 3dsMax, you'd have to configure the viewport statistics to show the triangle-count. (It shows quads by default, get activated by pressing the'7').
  5. Just don't get confused with counting. A "quad" would mean a 4-sided polygon, thus it would be 2 Triangles. Just have to pay attention myself when working in 3dsMax. There are different "Polgon counts". Some count polygons (where a polygon can consist of unlimited number of triangles..) and the 'right' counters that cound the triangles.
  6. It could be that your collada file from Blender 2.5 is a newer version than the Uploader supports. More specific: When I use Collada 1.4.1 files, the uploader tells me that the model has much more Vertices than is has in the 3d-App. The previous collada version (1.4.0) works instead. You could check it by opening your collada file with a text editor. Somewhere in the first lines it should state it's version.
  7. As how I see it, it won't be much different as it's now. Even now, someone can wear a pair of 300-, 400- or 500-prim boots andcause performance issues. Same will applyfor mesh. Some creators will build with insane high poly-count (instead using textures for details). On the other hand, mesh will allow much more performance-friendly builds. Just a test: I made a pair of boots, built with 8 sculpties. For the viewer's render engine it counts with 15.000 triangles (!). (One sculpty already counts nearly 2.000 triangles). Now I built the same boots as mesh: counts only 1.700 triangles. This
  8. I've added it to the agenda for the tomorrow's mesh group meeting...the agenda was so empty :-) . http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation,_Mesh_Import,_Scripting_User_Group Still, my gut feeling says the Lindens are busy working on server/rendering/in-world stuff right now. Let's see what they say.
  9. Daniel, I can confirm this. Tested the colladas from 3dsMax2011 ( => collada 1.4.0), upload works. Tested the colladas (same, simple model) when exported from Max2012 (=> collada 1.4.1) did not upload (completely crashed the viewer)
  10. Zur Geschichte http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/History_of_Second_Life Und die Größe von SL, private und LL Sims, Ökonomiedaten: http://gridsurvey.com/
  11. From my own tests, I can crash the mesh viewer when uploading dae-files created with 3dsMax2012. The reason in that Autodesk ships a newer collada exporter with Max2012. Max2011 uses collada 4.0, Max2012 has 4.1. Maybe this is the same what happens when you convert your model from AutoCad, it ends as (incompatible) collada 4.1 file.
  12. I agree with the basic problem: (old) items with hundreds of size-scripts are simply 'out-of-date' from the technological point of view. Today we have smarter options to do the resizing with just one script. But I can't agree with the solution to allow deleting scripts from no-mod items, sadly. Just one example: A creator who offers demos of her/his products. The demo might be no-mod and including a script that disables the items after the demo-period. Allowing to remove scripts from such demos would break content.
  13. "Time unlimited demo" so it can be used without time-limit: but what means "Demo" ? What are the restrictions ? The website says not much about this (or I didn't find it).
  14. Maya, I just tested it with a friend. Here it worked. Ava1: created box (yes-copy/no-mod/yes-trans). Add 1 control-script ( yes-copy/no-mod/yes-trans). The whole object is now still yes-copy/no-mod/yes-trans. Now adding a second 'dummy-script' with yes-copy/no-mod/no-trans)....the whole object gets no-trans as expected. The control-scipt was scripted to remove the dummy-script when touched. Now sent the object to a Ava2. Ava2 : Rezzes the object, it's still yes-copy/no-mod/no-trans. Ava2 touched it and the control-script removed the no-trans-dummy-script. Result: as expected, the whole objec
  15. as I understand it, you could do: 1. Add a no-trans/yes-copy script into the object. This makes the whole object no-trans. And since the scipt is yes-copy, it's can't be removed from the object other than by a scripted call. That's why next... 2. Add a scripted function that removes this no-trans script. As result, your first owner get a no-trans object (because of the no-trans dummy-script). Means, the object must be rezzed by the first owner to remove this no-trans script. After the script has been removed, the whole object becomes yes-trans again. (( test this trick with an alt before
  16. So since we were asked to post what we think in the comments: It's buggy. A search for any word with "General+Moderate" gives the same results that a search for "Moderate" only. Same for "Adult"-only searched...the results that should show only adult places have a lot of general/moderate results in them. Maturity filters were broken with this update.
  17. Is it meant to be that way, that when searching for "Moderate"-only content a lot of "General" results appear ? Is it meant to be that way, that when searching for "Adult"-only content a lot of "General" and "Moderate" results appear ? I see super-ranked 'General' and 'Moderate' parcels ... so good ranked that they even appear in 'Adult'-only searches.
  18. Yes, this, beside ranking and parcel dropping, is hard. Slow: it often takes up to 20 seconds until the search results show..or the result page stays just empty at all... Reset after every TP ? When i searched for something, i ended with pen and paper making notes what places to visited. Was far faster than starting a new search after each shop i had visited.
  19. I'm curious if the major 600-votes issue https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2001 has been addressed. Search with 'General' rating: parcel A ranks higher (#1) than parcel B, C, D. Search with 'General+Moderate': parcel A vanished, while B, C and D are still in search. 600 votes...
  20. When i watch TV and switch through channels, i actually find it handy that my TV shows 'hints' about what's currently playing, and what's next. Very good thing for new residents, thus a good thing for SL.
  21. Kate, the fact that it might have a bad (snowball) effect could be true. It's probably the most important point - there will be less interesting places to explore. Now i wonder what the future target audience for SL will be: Teenagers welcome ..... no education, art and culture.....world of warcraft, imvu, frenzoo ?
  22. Ignatius, the TOS say "7.6 Linden Lab owns Intellectual Property Rights in and to the Service, except all User Content,...". But i'm not lawyer enough to judge if these TOS still would apply if the Lab or/and SL would be sold. I'm simply yearning for a reliable statement from SL about LL's future plans. A clear word of "we are cutting back to focus on the basics (already heard) and do not want to sell." or "we're cutting back to match the interests of potential (or existing) buyers".
  23. Treasure, sometimes there are comments from Lindens. But recently a couple of 'sensitive' news were announced that caused 'heavy' and plenty of reactions. From what i see, the Lindens read the comments. They also add/comment if something has to be added or was unclear in their OP. But they don't take part in wild discussions with complaints and speculations. Simply, if they have no news other than in the OP, they'd just get bombed, accused and such. From this point of view it's simply sane for a Linden to only post/comment if there is 'something new'.
  24. You forgot they canceled the community gateway program. (And wasn't there some kind of "Mentor program", too ?) Somehow i have only the question "Who will it be ?". Means, if LL really cuts down to only focus on their core business - the grid. Who will be the one who takes SL (that runs on LL's grid) and does all the things beyond tech ? Edit: just found another point that increases my panic: Phil Linden repeatedly stated he's "interim" CEO. Now i was looking at LL's job offerings at http://lindenlab.hrmdirect.com/employment/openings.php?sort=da& . Is Phil planning to stay devoted to us
  25. I think we should not worry too much about here. 1. LL has surely learned a bit from the 2007's child-porn scandal, LL started to look at these issues. 2. Later on LL did the un-loved adult (Zindra) step, just to be in line with the law. Now, i'm pretty sure that they'll closely look that the allowance of minors will comply with the corresponding laws.I consider it as a good move at all - it's simply needed to stay in business.
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