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  1. Back in September of 2004, a friend of mine that I knew from AOL told me that I should check out this new thing he had tried. He said it was a game of sorts, but never really gave many details beyond that. At the time, LL ran a free 7 day trial. So, I signed up for the trial, but after a couple of days, my friend abandoned me in this weird world, and since he was not there to hang out with I left and let the free trial expire. Fast forward to May of 2005, I decided to create a new account/avatar and give it another try, and have not left since. I have watched SL go through so many changes in the last 15 years, some good and some not so good. I have been a creator/designer since 2005, and have built with prims, sculpties and mesh. And aside from all of the drama and self seclusion, SL is still my comfy place. I even have a few alts that I can hide on whenever I feel like being invisible. ♥♥♥
  2. I did not make those. They are not *Dilly Dolls*
  3. i stopped it because i found some forums where they talk about it sometimes being a virus. the INSTANT i stopped it, the viewer worked.
  4. stoopid internet. thought i deleted that last post. my fix apparently only works SOMEtimes. I opened task manager, went to the processes, and stopped rundll.exe
  5. I found a fix! Open your task manager, go to the processes tab. Look for dllhost.exe. if it's running, shut it down. Then try to open the viewer. Worked for me, hope it works for you!
  6. I am having the exact same issue, but no one can give me a straight answer or a solution
  7. So yeah, back to the whole "cant launch the viewers" thing....I was just on with live help, and the guy was no help, go figure... first, he disconnected on me while i was typing my question. when i reconnected, got the same guy, and i told him not to disconnect on me again, and he didnt so much as appologize for it before (way to go on customer service, LL) second, he didnt seem to know much about anything other than telling me to uninstall and do a clean install, which i have now done 4 times. He told me to submit a ticket, or install older versions of the viewer. Well, i installed the older ones. then was told to update. then that one said to update. then the next one too. i installed a total of 4 older versions, and all of them had mandatory updates on them, that finally pushed me into viewer 3, which once again, did not work. All of the older ones launched without hesitation. What the hell is going on here, that i can run every single other viewer there is available, but not vieer 3??? there HAS to be a friggin fix! I am really tired of this incompatability crap! I like to change viewers for different reasons. the main reason i want viewer 3....mesh someone please help me figure this out, before i go postal on my comp!
  8. I am aware of alternative viewers. I use phoenix/firestorm. People have different reasons for wanting to use viewers of their choice, and I like to use several. I would just like to figure out how to fix my issue.
  9. ok, those all seem to point me towards win7 program compatibility. I have run this many many many times, both through the start menu launch and through the program icon, and the issue will not fix. I tried to run SL on my laptop, which still had an olcer version on it, and the program launched (laptop has win7 btw), but it said there was a mandatory update to download. So, I did, and when I tried to launch SL after the update, low and behold, I ran into the same issue. The program will not launch AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there another fix out there? is this a known issue, or am I just having a TON of bad luck?
  10. thanks. I will go through those. Yeah, i thought the 32/64bit thing was a bit bogus
  11. for phoenix, use "Resident" as your last name
  12. A while back, I refused to even touch viewer 2 after trying it out once or twice, so I began using the Phoenix viewer only. Then they came out with Firestorm, and I started getting used to the interface, and thought I would give the official viewer 2 a try again. And since mesh is now available on a few sims, I wanted to see how that looked as well. So I went to use the beta viewer, and when I double clicked on the icon on my desktop, it would not open. I then tried another official viewer, and got the same result. So, the other day, I completely removed ALL second life viewers from my computer completely. I then installed ONLY the official viewers, and got the same result. After sitting in live chat with a Linden for about 45min, she basically told me that i am SOL cause the downloads are 32bit, and my comp is 64bit, and she showed me a JIRA link where someone was requesting a 64bit version. Frankly, i think its sucky, cause i can usually run 32bit programs on my computer with no issues. And I used to be able to run the official viewers on this computer, and have not had any major changes made to the system, other than microsoft updates or whatever, so I have no idea why I cant run them anymore. I also just downloaded Kirstens viewer, and am having the same exact result. I click the icon, the mouse shows the "working" symbol, then nothing. I tried running the compatability troubleshooter, but it did nothing. Tried running it as compatable with windows vista and XP (my machine is win7), and still nothing. I can run the phoenix/Firestorm viewers with NO issue, so what the hell is up with this??? Someone please HALP ME! :smileysad:
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