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  1. I mute the obejects and their owners, but it did not work Instead I am receiving e-mails from another sender, from a different store. The point is spam is not good -- it is a very bad marketing move!
  2. Linden Lab is doing its job -- for their friends! You will not see misleading ads in the big sellers marketplace pages, those who own their own island (s). Now if you are small/medium seller, then you have to wait...for long long years -- still not having your issue solved!
  3. @ Perrie Juran and Astrid Kaufmat Indeed muting the owner might be a good idea -- I´ll mostly certainly do that! Thank you for the advice! @ Tex Monday Yes, Tex, we all love Monty Python!
  4. I have been receiving unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising from 2 particularly sources in my e-mail box, at regular basis, for a while now. I am not happy with it, and I have already tried to contact the senders, without sucess. I have also muted both objects from where the spam has been sent. Yes, I have contcted Linden Lab support, but they did nothing! As I have completely failed to deal with it, I come here to share it with you -- perhaps someone can help me! Thank you!
  5. It is not fixed yet, though I have just got an email from LL saying it was fixed. They say if I still see the problem, then it is "a separate issue. Please file a BUG jira so we can review", so I did BUG-2605
  6. Thare are a lot, but a lot of listings that do not should be there -- the worse thing is that the textures does not belong to me -- they are from somebody else! These listings are empty, and they re-direct to the Marketplace Home Page, so when a custumer is in my page, and click in some of these listings, they go away from my page -- ridiculous! I have already complained about it to Linden Lab a long time ago -- they said it is a known bug -- up to now I see no improvements on this issue. I am sure there should be a JIRA on this -- is anybody else having the same problem?
  7. Hi! Thank you for your reply! Actually I might have sent it twince -- so I was wondering if I could just delete them all, before sending new stuff.
  8. I have sent some items to Marketplace through the Merchant Outbox -- these items are still at the Merchant Outbox. Now I want to send some more items to the Marketplace through the Merchant Outbox -- if I place more items at the Merchant Outbox and send them, will the items that were previously there be send too, thus making them duplicate items in the Marketplace? Can I delete the items that are in the Merchant Outbox, before I add new items? Thank you! :)
  9. I have been receiving spammer from an object in-world. This object sends me emails at regular basis, but I don´t want to receive them. I might have touch this object at some point, but I tried to touch it again in order to unsubscribe from it, however that did´t work. I also have blocked the object in-world, but it still keeps sending spams. I have also sent an IM to the object owner, but it didn´t work either. Yes, I also have reported the problem to Linden Lab twince, but LL didn´t resolve it. Any help? Thank you!
  10. Baloo Uriza wrote: Lilly Figgis wrote: I have been making shapes in SL since 2007, and with Mesh coming into scene in SL, I want to learn how to make them in mesh. I have Maya, 3Ds Max (trials versions) and Blender on my PC, so no worries about getting them. Unless software piracy isn't an issue for you (in which, you'd be a hypocrite to complain if your content gets ripped off yourself), then remember those trial versions are only good for 30 days before you gotta pay up or quit using them. I am completelly against any kinda of piracy. I took the free trials to play a bit with them.
  11. Thank you for your replies to my post! I really appreciate it! I have been making shapes in SL since 2007, and with Mesh coming into scene in SL, I want to learn how to make them in mesh. I have Maya, 3Ds Max (trials versions) and Blender on my PC, so no worries about getting them. So in order to make shapes in SL which is better Maya or 3Ds Max? I want to put my back on it, so I must begin with the correct program.
  12. Which program is better to make SL avatars? Any other?
  13. When editing store information, it is given 1000 characters to describe the store Policies, however when at the Store itself the Policies are no shown completelly. Anyone else with this trouble too?
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