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  1. You have to maintain premium to continue having the linden home and land, just like you have to maintain tier to keep mainland or private region land. Its closer to land ownership than it is not. Private region owners often give land at no charge for the tier, but you still have to pay for it or lose it. There are a number of other limitations that come with Linden homes too, like no teraforming. The ban of ban lines is just another.
  2. I have a boat, I have sailed on the Blake Sea, because really that's what those places are meant for. I do understand all of that. But whether a Linden Home is cheap or not, its still part of a paid package and should have the same security options as mainland anywhere else. If ban lines cause the problems you listed, then perhaps the sims should be designed in such a way that there is clearance As you say, its for these people who drive and sail, but many won't, so they have to put up with restrictions to suit those who do. So really it works both ways
  3. I understand the Lab's desire to build communities, that feel friendly and warm. They want people to meet, hang with their neighbors. Hey ban lines can be turned off if you want people to drop by. The continent is beautiful and the houses are so much nicer than the older ones, I'll give LL Kudos for that. I took a house there. I spent ten minutes cycling through the house choices and then furnished it. Now its up for grabs, because I gave it right back. I'll just save that 1024 to buy regular mainland that *I* have control over. Sadly this community they want and the reality of how so m
  4. I guess I'm the only one not thrilled to death by the idea of having my linden home experience cheapened by having my land options taken away. Yes, I agree ban lines are ugly. That's why I have my viewer set to not render them. Problem solved! Your viewer doesn't do this? Use one that does. Or ask the creator to add that feature, Its lovely. No, this should not spread to regular mainland regions. Regular mainland is not a give away with premium. I paid real money for my mainland AND I pay tier every month for that mainland AND I have to pay premium to own that land. Some pay a great de
  5. Sadly there is no logic. Their business model is, get every penny you can out of everyone you can, any way you can do it. While giving as little product and support for the money as you possibly can. Nothing they do is for the benefit of their customers. If we happen to benefit from it, we got lucky. Everything they do is to shake every dime out of us, even our gold fillings if they have to club us to get them out. They do what they want, regardless of how many of the paying customers it hurts, they do so without apology or remorse. This practice flies in the face of every rule of a cus
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