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  1. Thanks for the help! I'll check out those creators and that topic!
  2. Not about land itself per say, but stuff that goes on it! Looking for suggestions on good mesh/low prim landscaping and garden creators. Also fencing and that kind of thing. Thank for any help!
  3. Omg awesome!! Thanks 🐵
  4. Also we both like the hair below, anyone know where it's from? Thanks!
  5. Hah! He just did to the Signature Gianni!
  6. btw, anyone know where that hair is from? Thanks
  7. Hey y'all! So going to do a little shopping for my guy and wanted suggestions on best male clothing and hair etc. He currently has Belleza Jake and a Catwa Daniel head (unless I can get him to spring for Sig Gianni and Lelutka Skylar!) I kind of like the hair below...........he may not, but I told him that I would do a complete outfit and hair and he could tell me what he thinks!
  8. Thanks much for the help everyone!
  9. Anyone know about this one?? Probably my fav of the bunch!
  10. That $L 1 Linden hair is cute actually, but not quite the same as above
  11. Welp answered my own question on the first, its Tram!
  12. You all have not let me down yet ;o) So I went to Kustom9 and got some very cute Monso hair, but of course saw two more styles that I would love to know the makers of! If anyone can shed some light I would much appreciate it!
  13. Hello all. Just wondering if anyone uses the Blackdragon viewer and if so how do you like it? Why do you prefer it over other viewers?
  14. Hey appreciate the response. Just got a really cute one from Body Language, thanks!
  15. My go to AO for a long time has been Gaeline's Lovely girl I like it, but I'm always wanting to check out new stuff. I have a couple of Vista and Tuty, any suggestions apart from those? Thanks!
  16. Hey all I have a ton of jean shorts in SL, but I'm specifically looking for a baggier fit and distressed. Just thought I'd ask you all and maybe get some suggestions that include brands I don't happen to have. I'm looking for something kind of similar to these RL pair: Thanks for any help!
  17. Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist..................pretty interesting during a pandemic 😉
  18. I am female in both lives! Funny thing is I'm medium blonde in RL, but I prefer brunette in SL!
  19. Do you know this cute hair? Thanks in advance!
  20. I knew you guys wouldn't let me down............serious kid in a candy store vibes lol. Excited to check all these place, thank you!
  21. As the title says I would love to know about peoples favorite home decor creators! I love places like What Next, but I'm sure there are a lot of other creators that I have yet to discover and I'm in a major decorating mood lol. Thanks for any suggestions!
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