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  1. It's a small world, I was just thinking about Wheelies the other day. I've only visited the Group's land a couple of times in the past. Each time I met friendly, caring people there. Polgara is how I discovered Wheelies; not sure if she is still working with Wheelies, she's a great person.

    Ripple effect indeed, I made a huge building, I thought it was perfect, then I realized that it was not accessible to Residents on wheels. (that's when I thinking of Wheelies)

    Thanks for sharing Simon, happy holidays :smileyhappy:


    A Farewell From Jack

    Where is this new horizon? Can you build there?


    This whole thing is a crappy crappy deal. It's bogus, we are gettting screwed. Love Jack or hate him we are losing people who cannot be replaced. Only private investors can afford to be so stubbornly ignorant. It won't be long until every Linden is a person who was hired last week and has never even heard of SL until they got the job.

    Well, thanks for all you've done and it's cool that you're just going to sail away and let us sink with the rats who have taken over this ship, ship of fools. I'm sure that we will somehow find reason and fairness with the people whom you could not. We know more, ... somehow, not sure how yet.

    I just love these goodbye letters because so many people speak so openly and honestly. 


    This is a business endeavor with the primary goal of profit, it's nothing personal.  

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