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  1. Chip Midnight wrote: Is anyone doing both rigged mesh and bvh output from Blender? You might take a look at Avastar for blender. It's used across the board from mesh creation clothing,bone weight copy,animation and export in .bvh as well as .anim format. http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/
  2. Try and run the MB exported bvh file through poser. Change the name of the bones to match the sl poser figure if they are not already. Export it from Poser, load up in bvhacker and use retarget, change the height of the animation to normal. Add a tpose,export and upload to sl. The mocap that comes with motionbuilder has the wrong rotations btw, at least on the hip or spline 1. Your animation will look right in mb with these, but exported will load up in say bvhacker with the waist bent 90-. Try for an experiment loading up a default sl bvh to your motionbuilder character and export it. Minus the 2 dummy bones. Run through poser, then bvhacker. That will load up np. You have to run through poser at least in my experience to fix the rotation and scaling.Bvhacker will not do this by itself.
  3. Cloud Party is why I got the trial Maya. Now they have mentioned that they will probably be looking into a bvh importer for that world. This makes me very happy, so I probably won't be spending too much time in Maya, I should give myself a day or 2 on it before the trial expires, just for the experience. OMG, tho, I just have so many things all going on at the same time. Thanks for the incite into Maya tho. Was talking to Fitz in Cloud Party, he mentioned that the mesh skeleton he was playing with was animated by imported bvh. I didnt have time to ask him more about it as I had to run. I do not know if he was beta testing the feature or if it was released yet but it looked good for a key framed animation. I think this world holds promise, you are in game within seconds if you use your facebook account or even just anonymous. Though anonymous is limited in what you can do heh.Plus the tutorial is pretty well done and you get a free house after you complete it, win win. Most sl mesh creators will be importing within moments since its dae files same as sl. They just use triangles instead of a prim count ect.
  4. You might really want to look at motionbuilder someday. It is the bread and butter imo of working with motion capture. Working in the story window ghost mode makes it easy to rotate the animation to make it face the right way if its off center.Then you have the Butterworth filter, it by itself can make this program worth it. A combo of smooth and butterworth applied in the right places and you will clean your mocap files in a fraction of the time it takes with slat/poser/daz ect. If you ever have the chance to play with it, then I suggest giving it a try. The 2012 and 2013 versions have the ability to go back and forth from motionbuilder to maya with the click of a button.
  5. At this time second lifes upload system does not allow for adding custom joints even as an .anim or .bvh format. Its possible to animate attatchment points when exported as an .anim format. I believe Avastar for blender supports this in .anim file export.
  6. I'm not familiar with Maya exporting of animation. What I can say is that your hip/pelvis needs to record translation as well as rotation. Second life uses the hip bone as the root of your hierarchy. Make sure that it is at the top of it, unparent anything above this bone wise. It also could be a scaling issue. If you have access to poser, try and export from maya and then import to poser and let it scale automatically, then export with scaling auto. This will fix any scaling issue you might have. Then add a tpose in bvhacker and such and upload. Hope this helps.
  7. Sitting and standing animations priority could possibly be the reason why the arm is being overridden. Make sure that you set your sit to at least a priority of 3 on upload for a sit. I suggest this alot -) check out http://www.bvhacker.com/ and use the option under prepare called !Zero Check. This will check all of your joints and make sure they altered if at 0 to be at least 0.02. Hope this helps
  8. If you want to have all of your joints locked into this animation, a quick and easy way is using bvhacker. You can find this at http://www.bvhacker.com/ . Use the option !Zero Check. This will check all the joints and make sure they are altered by at least 0.02 so that all joints are adjusted.
  9. It depends on where you have it installed. FInd the folder where you installed Poser. It should be something like C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser Pro 2010\Runtime\Libraries\Character\New Figures Unzip the file with the characters into this folder. In Poser the figures will be found in the tab labeled figures/poser 2010/New Figures. Drag and drop the figure onto the main window. Hope this helps.
  10. the link is oudated or no longer working for the maya avatar rigs. http://uploading.com/files/185fa4fc/Working%2BSkeleton%2Bfor%2Bmaya.mb/ here is a rig I found in the forums, from this conversation .. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Maya-to-SL-problems-calculate-weights-button-still-dissapearing/td-p/1065443 you can also check out the slav rigs from the wizard for maya,blender or 3ds rigs. http://wiz-bg.blogspot.com/ Hope this helps btw Chosen, would you happen to have access to the script for exporting sl bvh from maya and what version it works with. I would be most thankfull.
  11. Not too sure what reception an animating noob is going to get so you might reconsider your disdain of using well made SL avatars for your models. wth, I never said anything about using it as a fake image, I plan to model them in a third party and in sl to show the making and the one in sl. I just wanted to use the sl avatar image in a third party to show the dif. Thank you for your kind words and assumption. Have a great day! Edit: I did say filmed outside sl, but I mean filming the sl avatar itself not in sl. My old animations are really noobish yes. I am currently working with motion capture footage I made. Not downloaded or stolen or bleh. I dont really need to explain myself, but da** you piss me off!!!! Get off your high horse and just help someone with a question instead of bashing them.
  12. I plan on making an advertisement for my animations sometime soon. What I would like to know is if it is against the TOS to use the sl avatar that you can download, to make a video. Not filmed in sl but in a third party aplication. Mainly to avoid having to change up avatars or recruite models, but also to make the videos about the animation. Not about the avatar. Thanks for any help on this.
  13. http://codelaboratories.com/downloads/ This links to the drivers main download page. I've been playing with the kinect for a bit now and seem to be getting decent results. For those having issues with feet sliding in poser, if you are using this, try out bvh_constraint script you can find on daz3d it does cost 15$ the last time I looked but might have changed as I got it a few years ago.. Will help alot on those feet slides on your animation. You can also do this pretty easy in motionbuilder using the KEY AT TIME feature. I'm not as familure with motionbuilder yet, still learing how to use it. Hope this helps.
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