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  1. The full error is : Can't move object '[OBJECT_NAME]' to [bOG_POSITION] in region [REGION_NAME] because your objects are not allowed on this parcel. After hunting it down for three weeks, I found the culprit..... An animated prim (butterflies) zigzagged over the property line onto an neighbors property.... every 6 to seven minutes as it would do its random path through the property. If the error would identify the object I would have taken care of the error immediately. Thank you, Lifedancer
  2. Well the error has appeared continously on both my Phoeniix v4.4.2. (latest version), and the latest version of Second life's viewer as well. Its only on these parcels, too. Just to clarify.... I have moved all my trees and grass and anything else away from the property lines, that may be casuing the system to think that there are objects trying to move onto someelses neighboring parcel. I even removed the smoke particle program from two objects, just in case the particles colliding against the property lines could be casuing it. Yet the error still pops-up. I have made sure that the property options were exactly the same and they are. The Current simulator for the region is: Second Life RC Magnum Thank you, Lifedancer
  3. Hello, I hope one of you can help me with this error. I have bought to parcels - side beside. All of the sudden I start getting this error in the parcels. I know what the error means, but is it suppose to happen when I own both parcels and they are side byside? Thank you, LIfedancer
  4. Here! Here! My thoughts exactly! They should be think like opensim and for those that have systems that can't handle it they they can purchase Mainland property...
  5. I think that Second life should have offered to rent cheap small apartments to the tean/kids and market cheap but trendy like ahundred other onlilne game sites. But have limited pose scripts and let them have fun just like before, but they need cheap shooting adventure games that they can be part of as well. Unlike adults they need to have some direction in gaming and that means things like wizard 101 and its like gets thousands of kids coming and they get addicted to the next level and pay to get there. We on the other hand adults need things like RPG and better creating tools so they can make their fantasies and dreams come to life. Sadly as a new adult resident of 2nd life I have been disappointed and entranced at the same time. I am an expereince RPG player but can't seem to find any games that will allow new players in I have found them to cliquish and sad. So I still trive to find an RPG niche out their and I am still hopeful.
  6. Hello, I just started on 2nd life about 10 days ago. Please read this and let me know what you think, or can add to this comment. I have always enjoyed creating and making buildings and objects, I got my addiction from the SIMs series. But even wit the limitations of the SIMs buildings systems I have never been as frustrated and yet satisfied with building system since working with 2nd life's. But think I can already make some suggests to the developer. Suggests: 1) A true cuting tool. - one that cuts in varied shapes, multiple directions and completely through object. 2) Linking system needs to start with a naming tag for the complex object menu to which you just link directly to as well as other multiple complex objects to. Instead of the frustrating clikcing method that is difficult whne dealing with many objects. 3) Fusing tool where you can fuse multiple objects into a new permanet none break down object that can be mulipulated by stretching, (this should cut down the system having to keep track of so many individual objects hopely reducing some processing lag by so reducing the amount of objects to keep track of. Thank and Enjoy the New Year, Lifedancer
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