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  1. Wish they'd fix the existing problems first like SEARCH and making the profiles smaller so the whole SL experience isn't obscured. Figures...they seem to have their hands in too many pots and therefore the quality output leaves much to be desired.
  2. It is not true that people who "hate" Viewer 2 will always hate it. There are some things, for me, that annoy me to no end and I know I'm not alone; however, I really want to use it. I like the graphics and don't mind the sidebar anymore, but with a broken search function and those huge profiles that take up the whole second life experience, I refuse to use it.
  3. Why is it that new versions are rolled out with major bugs that were known on the prior release? Search does NOT work. It can't find people who are visible. What is going on? I keep trying Viewer 2 but there are such huge bugs in it that I go back to Imprudence every time. I really like the graphics and I can even live with the sidebar...but the fact that search is broken and the profiles take up too much screen real estate is enough for me not to use it. It's annoying that the blog is posted with such excitement yet no acknowledgement of the issues that people keep mentioning over and o
  4. I can't STAND the inventory! The font they use is so huge, and that goes for search as well. I can't stand having to page through search rather than getting a nice long list on one page. And speaking of search...it's broken. I can't bring up people that I can bring up on another viewer. Pictures don't match profiles in search either. Old profile pictures sometimes show up in search, but if you click on the name in the friends list, I get the newer picture that the person has uploaded. It's just pitiful. I once worked for a company that rolled out a pathetic application. All the people
  5. @ SIRJason - I have no idea why, but I'm cackling like crazy here. Your post really got to me. I should be crying because everything you said is so true, but for some reason all I can do right now is laugh hysterically. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Breach of privacy is a legal issue. I'm fed up with SL and their breaching of my privacy. Mark my words...someone out there will be suing them. It's just a matter of time.
  7. My point is how bad search is. Also, there are a LOT of people not showing up in search even though they want to be. So irritating.
  8. It's all interconnected. It is possible in some cases to connect dots. For instance, now that I'm curious, I'm searching every acquaintence to see the groups they are in. I scan the group names to see if they might be private groups. You can usually tell if it's not a store or a venue, etc. Then, I look inside the group at the members to see if perhaps there are alts in there. Now, mind you, this is only a test to prove how broken the viewer is in all instances. The point is...people have created groups they want hidden IN SL (forget RL for now), yet viewer 2.4 and 2.5 show these hidden
  9. Oh and one more thing....if you've checked the settings in your viewer so that you do not come up in search, it is possible to do a search on your name and bring up the groups that you are in. At that point it's just a matter of looking at the group members and low and behold...one is able to bring up your profile that way! OMG...this is CRAZY. But of course this doesn't work every time because search is BROKEN and names and groups do not always show. Good lordy...this is getting nutz.
  10. TO ALL THOSE WHO THINK THEIR GROUPS ARE HIDDEN!!!! I'm in 2.4 and have tested that not all groups that you have intended to hide are hidden. I have a group I have hidden in Imprudence, yet when I log onto 2.4, I can see the group and everyone in it! So beware...if you have alts you don't want anyone to know, they are there for everyone in SL to see. Once again our privacy has been infringed upon! So much for Linden Labs caring about our privacy.
  11. Do you have any more snake oil that you can sell me? That is HILARIOUS!!!!! bwahahahahahaha
  12. @Crys again... OMG...what if Facebook is taking over LL! I mean, if LL is in financial trouble, there could be a master plan at work to get it all hooked up to facebook. Does that mean my avatar can go to Farmville too? LOL! Omg, this is too pathetic.
  13. @Fender: While I appreciate your grace, there is the other side of the coin. Would we have racial equality in the U.S. without someone to stand up for people's rights? Would Eygpt be free without people standing up for what they want? I'm one of those people who stand up. Sorry, but I can't lay back and say nothing or "whatever" without a fight. :-)
  14. @Fredrick - You forgot to add the bullet about deleting the profiles opening up in a separate window. It is CLUTTERING THE SCREEN. Isn't SL about being IN-WORLD and seeing what goes on there? It's getting harder and harder to see. Believe it or not, you have created the reality of people seeing less of SL. Is this what you really want? The reality of more and more people leaving is not far behind I fear. I mean, if we can't see the world, why be in it? This should be optional not mandatory. Put the profiles back on the sidebar please and put a link there to open in a browser if we wa
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