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  1. I would like to have a way to sync up caspervend and the SL marketplace, that way I don't have to keep 2 inventories.
  2. I often find myself using devkits destined to be in blender but i have a recurrent problem that solving it take a lot of work and is often not very accurate. it comes on as warped every bone in the correct position but turned 90 degrees
  3. I just got a devkit for a centaur, but it only came in blender file, I thought I could convert it to FBX or dae to make it work but when I exported the mass all the looked in place, except that tha bones were all "spun" anyone knows of a solution? a solution to be able to work on this using max
  4. I am working on a paidfor commision for the 2.0 avatar by utilizator and when I tried to uopload a teste collada files, I find that every bone is cranked 90 degrees one way anyone knows of a solution for this in 3ds max please let me know PD: I'd rather not use blender, and I dont have avastar
  5. anyone has them? one client is bugging me to no end about making somethi RIGGED mesh instead of FITTED mesh on M size, for that I need to find mesh dummy of the male avatar in size M. Anyone knows where to find it?
  6. That's it, putting some order in the shop
  7. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/58846/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=demo speaking of that, I could do some cleanup
  8. agreed to all of that, except I have demos
  9. I do build fitmesh, but only for the System avi, both genders, just not for fitmesh avies ( i think either I forgot to say it, or the message got lost) here's the proof https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/58846?
  10. Yes, I said it, I am having harder time achieving sales because of apparent omnipresence of human-like mesh avvies. Is it just me, or its actually happening? Would-be costumers ask if I have it for this and that body whose creators are ***** retentive about giving out the devkit. But you know what's funnier? my outfits tend to cover almost the entire body, rendering any so called perfect mesh body irrelevant.
  11. i am looking for some vehicles that appear t be made from stuff pulled out from a scrap yard, and a bodywork that can be asociated with a car/truck so a ratty camaro is not a choice. anyone know where should i look?
  12. I have a dress mesh that need some rigging and touch up(frills are blocky), maybe including standard sizing, I am willing to hear offers
  13. I just want to know. because I dont want to be overcharged.
  14. I am looking forward to use a more advanced technology in my offernings. I am willing to: Pay in advance Share a fixed accorded fraction of the earnings. welcome his/her suggestions Send an IM to Zantyago Mannonen.
  15. Not necesarily roleplay nor a cuttthroat competition like such show.
  16. there doesnt have to be any prize, just bragging rights. Contests that consists on guidelines or "take these fabrics let's see what you do with them" Anyone knows?
  17. Once renteed the owner will have full control of what goes one there, he can privatize, band terraform, whatever. Contact Zantyago Mannonen Via IM
  18. Thanks for the imput.... and I was worried because I was worried that my work would go to waste (even if it helped me earn some thousands of lindens though the years) I can handle mesh but I still haven't cracked a way to rig it.. all my 3ds formation is by my own means and sometimes leaves holes, btw anyone can IM me if they wish to talk me to.
  19. I am in the process of learning mesh.... slowly so for its resulting quite painful, since there isnt much support with 3ds Max So far I have somewhat mastered solid non-rigged mesh for architectural objects
  20. With the arrival of mesh I have the impression that prim stuff will be less and less desired as time goes by... Or isnt? as a maker who still hasnt got skill in rigged mesh, I find this important
  21. I like to create stuff and I often get complimented for it, I have created retro, victorian and, stemapunk stuff over my years. but I am a bad marketer I seek a who either has a store or that is willing to help me out. Send an IM telling me whay you are contacting me.
  22. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Success%20Island/135/13/21 Once rented, you would have full control of the land except iot must remain residential Contact Zantyago mannonen
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