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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. yea, I love to explore and go on adventures. I always go to PG land never adult ever so I stay away from a lot of that, but even PG places aren't safe now. I don't like playing an adult so that option isn't really there for me. I have an adult avatar *I tried to make her very pg and covered up which is hard in SL sometimes* for taking pictures of my creations in SL which means I rarely play her. Even so, She gets hit on by others and I hate it. It makes me very uncomfortable so I can't see myself having an adult main. Being a kid should make that less of a proble
  2. I wasn't being serious. I figured they didn't speak english as their main language. Didn't you see *I had to* after i wrote that? I said it because it's the same way they spoke to me, meaning I was trying to show them how rude it is.
  3. Who cares? No. So what? I'm not harming anyone and you aren't the boss of me. I play SL my way so long as I obey the ToS. I cannot create one. I'm on very limited income and the food shortages here are skyrocketing food prices. God the people on SL are really not very compassionate.
  4. Hi! Yes, I joined the tinies because I'm always a furry and I fit right in. They were really the last community I made friends with before I quit last. 😆 I have a dinkie too but my main avie is a NAM. I get what you mean about kids on this platform, but I thought it was wonderful to explore all the amazing sims. Most of which were PG rated. I rarely ventured on adult sims, and even then mostly for combat and the only other times were to visit friends who lived on them. I felt honestly safe back then for the most part. Also I am asexual myself. So tinies fit perfectly for me. Thanks for kin
  5. I have played second life for years and years. I have always played as a kid since i was only really interested in building and exploring and I have always been a child at heart. Years ago, there was a thriving and kind kid presence on the game. A lot of them were playing that way for similar reasons as I was. There were hundreds of sims surrounding the kid community, even whole sims. There were endless activities to do, like bowling, picnics, swimming, fishing, renting houses with in game family, camping, school, summer camps, scouts, ALL kinds of activities and I joined in on as many as I co
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