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  1. I'm looking for someone who has experience with furry avatars for a custom one. Must be familiar with character pattern design as I'd need partial work on my current design (Would link reference image) which would be a calico cat, areas in need of work would be from waist up. I'd be wanting textures for these models: Raawr Kitty Head, Ears & Eyes Raawr Kitty Tail or a Bento tail, still unsure which. Kemono Body BB//MM Kemono Legs - Canine My budget limit would be 50 Euros
  2. Heya, Fellisa here. So as the title might suggest I'm looking for a preferebly furry family or friends :) I've been on SL for quite some time now but the few friends I have pretty much either aren't online anymore or just do their own thing so I thought "Hey, why not check out the forums for once?". I'm currently 18 years old and tend to not seperate SL from real life unless for pure roleplay which to be honest, doesn't happen often. I really love sci-fi and video games however my computer can barely handle any newer games so I'm stuck with very few pc games and my only console, Nintendo 3DS with the few games I own for it. I'm also a self-thought artist if you can call me that haha, here's a little sketch I did not that long ago if you're curious: http://i.imgur.com/tPzb4wC.png I don't draw that often anymore but thought i'd mention it anyways. Love music like glitch hop, some trap, dnb, etc. but still appreciate classical music since I went to a music school for 5 years but left from too much social anxiety which is a whole another story but I'm getting back on my feet so yay n stuff :D A few other details you might want to know: I'm female (Duh, "Fellisa" xD) Full SL name: Fellisa Fallis (Fell for short) Same age in both cases, however could switch to max 30 for family purposes. Pansexual and single European +02 EET I consider myself to be loyal and honest though not very talkative Please don't bother if you expect a purely sexual relationship Usually play as a feline, feline hybrid with a dragon or a fennec fox
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