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  1. Last year, we tested two “modes” to the Second Life Viewer, Basic and Advanced. Advanced mode was the standard UI layout and functionality that existing users were familiar with. Basic mode presented a less featured UI that provided users with a less complicated introduction to Second Life. A few months ago, we merged those modes with the introduction of our current, more flexible, Viewer UI. There was one area we explored for Basic Mode that never made it to release, which was a simplified presentation of Inventory aimed at new users, designed to encourage a well organized inventory from day one. For new users, managing and understanding inventory is often challenging. Drag and drop over large inventories can be problematic and daunting. New users are often confused about the meaning of certain system folders. Today we have released a Project Viewer beta that includes this simplified presentation of inventory as an option. Before we consider any widespread changes to inventory, we want to know what you think about the Simple Inventory UI, noting that the target user is someone just starting out.   The Simple Inventory UI offers new users: A simple display presenting only one folder at a time Improved wayfinding and findability Faster load of inventory items Download the Project Viewer and take Simple Inventory for a spin. We’d like to hear what you like and don’t like about the design and interaction, as well as how it works with your own inventory. It’s important to note that Simple Inventory was intended for Basic mode before Basic and Advanced modes were merged. It is still experimental and so it is unclear how it will function with extremely large Inventories, so if you have a large Inventory we don’t recommend using Simple Inventory as your only view.   There are some incomplete features and known issues of which you should be aware. You can read more about these in the release notes, here. Comments and feedback are welcome in this forum thread and bugs should be reported in Jira in the SINV project. Thanks!
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