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  1. It's really hard to lie about your SL account; 1st there is your Last Name (mine is a Retired Last Name), now some of you may know this but LL retires Last names after five years or so; 2nd is your Rez Date or SL Birth Date (mine is July 27, 2005). If you've been playing continuosly for how many years it shows in your profile too. Payment Info also tells if your a Camper or a Resident. Why anyone would want to appear younger than they are is beyond my grasp.
  2. What I'm getting from this thread is another Major Upheval in Second Life! My oldfest Avi celebrates it's 9th year rez day next month (7/27/2005) a Premium Account for all nine years. It hasn't been easy, I have photos of inventory that has been lost (?) and I just suffered a month of being a Ghost for undisclosed reasons from Support! I have 2 other Avi Prem accounts & all three are not Mesh designs. I have been trying to master mesh avi design but with what I'm reading maybe I should wait for this New Grid/Viewer before designing yet another Prem Avi Account!
  3. In the past I was able to select from my friends to invite to my group on the group profile. That is not possible now there is no buttons to make selections and sent invites to new members to the group.
  4. I thought I was logged in but apparently I was loged in as Divinejoy & not as the author of her comments. Anyway Welcome to our Addiction (Divinejoy is my third Prem account)! Aloha~JP
  5. Go Back to OSX 10.5.8; No hangs, freezes, crashes or Viewer 2! NO Problems!
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