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  1. thank you jack and i wish you the best in ur new life. Hope you come back Candy
  2. Huhuuuuu Rod. Call me when u need help with building or just take a look on my sim ^^ (in my pics u find all times my adress) hope u have fun to see.
  3. Huhuuhuuu and welcome to your new life "Second Life" ^^ I hope and wish you all the best in your new life. I hope also and so many others here, of some great changes, not only in the managment but also inworld and the policy from SL. Like better prices for sims for sims and tiers ( so all can get one or can it effort it much better ) more groups 25 is nothing...better 100 Better understanding with your customers (other residents) here in sl. Maybe tier payment possible in L$ and not in usd$. Would help many here. For all this we wish you the best and hope you have also a great
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