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  1. Thing is I dont have a problem. The op asked why merchants offered no mod products and I just answer what was the case for me. That was it. Then they asked how was it and just, again told what the experience had been. Perhaps my english is even worse than I thoug. If thats the case, then im sorry. I think scripts can be improved but, so does everything in sl. I dont think its a problem, rather than a situation honestly.
  2. Not sure were you read that i was talking of my inv in my last post. For someone that does not build, you certantly look down on people who do. I do know that about perms. Do you know how to work with huds?....like...at all?
  3. Im not new, I just dont post much. dont know really, and I wasnt trying to make a denunce of anything. The question was, why creators made their stuff no mod, and so I only talked out of my experience onto why my stuff was no mod. Im not saying its everyones issue or something of the kind. Just stated what my experience with the scripts I used was. Maybe this no mod feature is not seen as an issue and so it wont appear in the reviews. I didnt though it was an impediment to use the scripts, because i thought they did their job and a rig mesh had very little to be changed. Now, if you look at the rig mesh items that have a hud, you can see they are all no mod. Please if you find any mod, let me know. Since this thread started i got curious as to see if other products like mine were mod and i was just not working the scripts as i should, and i didnt find any. I suspect it has something to do with the scripts.
  4. Its just not to expose the textures in such an obvious way really, like put all the texture numbers id, on a notecard inside the object or like place such numbers as description for that object, or simply place the textures full perm inside the object ( like open collar script for texture changer for instance asked, at one time. Im not sure its like that anymore). One of the scripts I tried at one point, had a feature that you actually didnt have to put either a number id for a texture or the texture itself. There was some procedure were you went to a web page and grab a code number for each texture. It was a really cool idea. Unfortunatly it was so complex for me at least to set up that I gave up with it. Sorry again for my english, its terrible without spell check.
  5. I dont think you understand what put every posible color combination in every size would mean. Say you have a regular mesh dress just a dress with no accesories belts or whatever. With an average material number of 4, in 5 standard sizes plus fitmesh. I offer around 30 textures in every pack. The scripts allows costumers to choose what parts they change so they can mix textures and such. This will mean i would have to make all the possible combinations (more than a thousen) and then multiply that by 6 ( each size) and then put those thousens dresses inside a box. I dont think thats a posibility really. The other option is to just, like i did in the past offer one single color per box. I think that is more restraining than to add a script and make it no mod. Plus i dont think its totally fair to just charge full price for a hue change of a texture. To be fair, the script does work, and does what its supposed to, that is change textures. I just think it will be better if it had a delete me option whitin it. Also, about new users, a box with a gazillion option dresses is far more complicated to use than just 5 sizes and some buttons. I dont think merchants should be pointed out on every problem of sl, we are not forcing products on people. I think users should know that they cant put everything is out there at one time and expect not to lag. I agree, that the kill me button should be there, i dont agree that the scripts should be not used untill they are perfect.
  6. I think that, and I speak for myself here, but Im not a scripter and so I cant make my own scripts or I will. What me as a merchant would like to see is a script that wont ask me to put my textures or my texture id on the object im making. And that have a posibility to change parts of the mesh separetly and that have the delete me option, just in case someone wants to delete it. Rigged mesh offers very little possible changes even if its mod, you cant resize it and you cant toss just any texture in it and expect it to work, because it has to follow the uv maps. And as for offering the aos and such, I sometimes make my own mesh but other times I buy templates and with those come the TOS, among them is that I cant redistribute the light maps. So that is not possible either. But it would be nice yes, for some more experienced costumers that the item would be mod. Maybe they want to change the shine, make the item rlv, change the shade, etc. But right now I dont see how would ths be possible if the item has a texture changer.
  7. The scripts I use are really well known. Its not the first one I tried. I ended up with these because they were easy to work with. 90% of the scripts I tried had thjs feature. The scripts itself are no mod, when I build the product i need to use a licence script, that will ONLY work if the object is set to no mod, and then i can put the master script for the hud or slave one for the garment. If the object perms are modify the script delete itself from the object, so it cant be used at all. The only one Ive tried that didnt had this issue had a worse one. It had a resizer included and even when set to disable the resizer was workig; this must sound like who cares, but if were talking about a demo, its a huge issue because the demo sign could be resized to disapear without afecting the mesh, if it was riggged. This scripter in particular knew about this, and the solution I was offered was to use Mega prims to attach at demos...... And trust me, it wasnt a cheap set of scripts
  8. Yes, the scripts are made so that if the perms are copy/mod or trans/mod it will delete itself. The only way to use them (i've tried several), is if the product is no mod.
  9. I think many are in the same situation as myself. We are not scripters, so we buy the best scripts we can afford, best rated and such and then we are force to work with whats thefe in order to offer what we want ( a garment that offerst many texture options.). At the end is not about proud or about merchants not wanting to make their stuff no mod, is just its the only way to get to use the texture scripts. I would want to have the script to have a delete button if anyone wants to delete the thing, but to be honest I dont think the scripters will add it sometime shortly because people will buy the scripts anyway, since all alternatives are the same as that one or worst.
  10. Many mesh clothing items are sold with texture changer huds with them. Many of the scripts that allow you to do this, in my experience, force you to sell no mod. Not because the tos say you cant put the script to mod, but because the script delete itself if the perms of the object are set to mod. Ive try around 7 texture changer scripts and they all have this quality. The one that didnt had a glitch and I ended up selling demos with it that even tho perms were no mod, were mod. So i will not try that one again. Also, most texture changer huds include textures or texture id number, that In my case at least i dont want to give away, hence the no mod state for the hud. The objects i would set to mod if the scripts would allow me, but so far I havent found good texture changers that do. You can say that there is a chance of offering the product with or without them, but lately i sell my items with a lot of changing options and if i would want to offer them all in all sizes in the same pack, it would be way too many items for a single box. So thats why, me at least, dont sale no mod items.
  11. Im sorry but it doesnt say collar anywere. Its a fetish bodysuit meant for spanking purposes. A specific garment for fetish consumers. I dont see it as keyword spamming, to state that its for that. Not only collars are meant for bdsm. I think there is a missunderstood to think that if i type submissive, instantly what i want is a collar I might be wanting a dress for a submissive, same for a mistress. As for master, amo, many subs type this because many sub outfits have the name "master", master's pet, girl, on them. I did keyword it both in spanish and in english, but the words are basically the same. As for vinil, and latex those are important keywords too, youre forgetting its an important part of the fetish, its not the same leather than latex, is not the same a bodysuit that its though for spanking than catwoman outfit. So I dont think im spamming, all the keywords are related to the product and I dont believe they are meant for a collar. Also none of them is collar. Or restrain, leash, or anything of he sort Also i keep having issues with other products that appear in places and with search that dont contain any of those keywords either. I dont know if this is due to some association linden is starting to make or what, but this have never happend to me before.
  12. I mean those yes. I know that I place them there. My question is that the issue appears to be both in products that have related items, and also in products that dont have them. I find it difficult to understand that this is a regular way of working like the first answer stated. If so, whats the point of keywords? And more important, why this didnt happend before? I also dont see that many unrelated items from other merchants when i do my search. Like the only gown in the middle of rp slave clothing is mine. I checked description, keywords and such and find no answer to it.
  13. One of the items have related products, so it might be that, maybe. But the other have none. Im really lost about this, because I never had this issue. It might be the way it works but its the first time this happend to me. I got costumers complaining because the product wasnt compatible with lolas and I even got the product flagged for spam keyword due to this, and the keyword that suposedly was spaming making the product appear on lolas related, wasnt even there.
  14. I been having issues with some of my store products, were they seem to appear under the wrong keywords. Example: A mesh latex spanking bodysuit, with no breast or implant, or lolas reference keywords at all, appears under Lolas related items. Or a satin long ball gown, with no rp, ragged, grunge, slave or similar keywords, apears under ragged camisk. Anyone had these issues before?, Any ideas on how I can fix it?
  15. Im.confussed about that mesh, it doesnt look like a marvelous designer mesh. As far as i knew marvelous only supported tris. Did that changed on the last version or did you did some retopo there?
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