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  1. im trying to ask for a region restart from support chat but the page to click on chat is not loading. is support off line? i need taedong region on the mainland restarted please. so laggy and i think its because of too many loose cannon scripts. there are only two avatars in the whole region. but there is a scripted agent sitting on the NW corner of the 4 region connection point and there is a scripted agent sitting on a worm farm that is "raising" dozens of famrs ( don't know how many worms per farm) and there is one ofther near the one at the nw corner. and that is it. i have very few prims and very few scripts on my parcel. if any one is using more than there share I'd appreciate it if they would give up my share so i can use it. or perhaps linden labs could step in. i am a paying customer though all customers should be considered important! got connected to chat and they reset the region. Don't need noobie answers.
  2. This is wonderful. I'm in awe of all the creativeness that has gone into the project. I think its wonderful. It surprised me and made me laugh. Its that what games are all about? Please don't stop. I look forward to your growth in this area. And when you get into the "adult that children can not attend" I would like to take part in that as well. ^^ Cheers and Congrats!!
  3. yesterday and today building is nearly impossible as i am having to click "use selection for grid" on every single prim. this parcel is mainland LeTiger and was just updated a couple of days ago. happens with both sl viewer and phoenix viewer. any help in fixing this is appreciated.
  4. Support never helped me recover anything. I had a L10K bed that vanished as i rezzed it. nothing recovered it. Also had many folders disappear and nothing has been recovered and noone has helped me recover anything. Of course if you do get a lawyer then you must show that you made everyeffort to recover your items and followed all of the steps that don't really work for truely lost inventory. Good Luck.
  5. I do not like bots that are not identified as bots. I have been know to avoid stores that use bots. In my opinion using a bot and not identifying it as a bot (right from the beginning) is deceitful. Do you think I'm going to buy from someone that in my opinion is deceitful? There's enough of that in SL. And there are enough stores that don't use bots that I can make that choice. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. Peace, Aramina's Owner
  6. I can see a sound beacon on a prim that is playing environmental sounds. You can see various types of beacons with View/Beacons. The yellow beacon is the sound beacon. What does it mean when I see this same type of beacon on an avatar? there is no visible attachment and there is no attachment visible with "Highlight Transparent"
  7. Is there a way to identify a scripted agent as a scripted agent? Is there a list of reported scripted agents?
  8. Since everything is all so legal this and illegal that these days i am compelled to point out that you are not allowed to copy information from those "Offical Linden Lab Information" pages. Official Linden Lab® Information: This article is part of the Second Life® Knowledge Base. You may access and link to this page, but you may not copy, distribute, modify, adapt, or translate any content on this page. This content is subject to the Terms of Service and is not available under the Creative Commons or any other license. Have a suggestion to improve this page? Contact us. lmao (at LL for that 'not allowed to copy', excessive use of power i think)
  9. Textures can be imported or uploaded into secondlife if in the proper format. While logged into secondlife click File and select to upload. You will receive the menu to upload various files including texture, sound and animation files. Im not sure what you mean by model. Image maps for sculpties are textures.
  10. as i understand your complaint all user should either get a degree in technology or use a text based client. Is that what you are suggesting?
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