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  1. I like the look of option 2. The i5 processor is more than enough to run Second Life. That graphic card should let you see things in world with beautiful detail. Some of the new Nvidia cards have optiumus technology. Which basically means it can switch what it uses for graphics. (the onboard intel graphics or the nvidia graphics) I am using i7 with the nvidia GTX 960m and I make sure that when i run second life with the Nvidia card. The details are lovely. I aslo have a SSD that has my operating system on it. I never thought of having SL on cache on it .. mmmm intresting However, like other posters have pointed out there are a muliple thing that affect a SL experience. Internet sppeds, didtance from the SL servers ect ect. But definately SL will look awesome with those graphics.
  2. I too am reading all the stuff about Mesh bodies . Damn I want one but it seems to complicated to find feet, hands , mesh head or no mesh head ? Clothes fit or dont fit ? wouldent it be great if there was one simple guide to messh bodies and heads and flipping feet and hands to help consumers decide
  3. I had some meeroo nest in my inventory so I decided to hatch them out. I think they were a couple of years old. Anyway they have hatched, and they have food. But they seem to have gone radio active. They are glowing bright blue... any ideas why?
  4. Yes< Perrie, I think there maybe something correct about your theory. Like I said in the first attack all my neighbours were affected to. However in the second attack we had all locked down our sims ....There are for renters in the region. Yet in the second attack my neighbours were affected again ! Very very odd because like i keep saying I cannot find any object anywhere and niether can my neighbours.
  5. :womanlol: My profile pic was not meant to offend any one except one person ,,,, a womans wrath and all that ...
  6. I just logged back into SL . This is the first time since the attack. I dident notice it last night but something was trying to animate my Avatar,,,,, It has this name .........YUMADBro0
  7. Thank You ..........I share a whole sim with quite freindly neighbours...........I will see if I can get them to do the same on their parcels.....thats assuming I can get back into Second life........ Sorry If I sound a bit fed up ..........but its really not funny anymore
  8. They got me again last night. I have no clue how. As far as I can make out somehow they are inadvertantly attaching something when you visit a land . It is not until you get back to your own parcel that the attack happens. Since my last attack I have set the land so that only group members can rez there and I am certain there is nothing on my land from these goons. I have never accepted anything. This is really getting behoyd a joke ,,,,
  9. I have been hit twice this week .. It seriously not funny anymore... Last nights attack crashed me and i couldent get back on. Whats more I did not accept anything or rez anything. The only thing I can think off is that I am visiting landmarks and inadvertantly picking something up. I do not click or accepted anything so whatever the item is is attaching without my knowledge. It is then until you get back to your own pasrcel that the attack happens. By the way..... I have the options on my land set to only group can rez there !!
  10. Thank You for all your help. I have now got rid of the annoy little twerp. Reported it and turned of the rez on my land so now only group members can rez. Also added the names to my blocked list.
  11. They got me yesterday. I went to a land that I thought was a hair store. when I TP'd home I had a million object request and pop-up toasts. I did not accept the object or rez anything but clicking on "ignore" just seemed to self perpetuate more object request. Next thing I knew everyone on the whole parcel was infected. How the hell do they do that ! This is me completely stuck and crashing due to the million object boxes .. grrrrrr Oh and by the way there were no ojects on my land or attached to my avi as far i I could see. It just went away when I cleared my cache
  12. They got me too.......Yesterday I had self perpetuating object offers and even tho I did not accept the oject nor rez it on my land it some how tranfered its self to everyone on my sim
  13. OMG !! its getting worse.... like I said in my earlier post . I TP straight home and that when the object tried to get me to accept it!! Well, now I have messages from people all over my sim saying they have been greefed.. Some how this thing has transfered sim wide
  14. oh yes I intend to file a report ..... these barstools need banning !! Now how do I find my TP history so I can incluse the land in which i picked up the goon object !
  15. Thanks Valerie, But I did not accept the object or rez anything like it says in the link you gave me. As you can see by the picture it is still in my notification. well hundreds of them to be precise and it keeps crashing me so i finding it hard to staylogged in to do anything.
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