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  1. Apparently no real help here. (although there was one, but with a rude comment) Don't feel the need to explain why my account has the age it has while I ask newbie questions. A date only means when it's started, not how much it's used. If you don't have anything helpfull to say. Then do not comment. Thank you. Leaves me only with adding just another newbie question: Does IM means Internal messagesystem?
  2. I keep missing meeting a friend of mine here at SL. How do I send him a message in SL? Is it possible in the client or is there something for it on the site?
  3. I've read the offical page of SL for the system requirements before I went shopping for a new computer. (the only one that can handle SL is my computer at work. hehe.. no good to go on SL there.) But when I started to look online for a computer in my country, I never encountered those specs for the graphic card. thus I made a list with the specs of several computer that was in my financial range. Can somebody tell me if they are suitable to run SL? 1. Intel Core i3-4160 • 4 GB • 500 GB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (2 GB) 2. Intel Core i5-6400 • 8 GB • 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB) 3. Intel Core i5-4460 • 8 GB • 1 TB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 (4 GB) 4. Intel Core i7-6700 • 8 GB • 1 TB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (4 GB)
  4. When I wanted to add Paypal as paying method for SL, I noticed something I didn't like. saw the second message telling me that if SL couldn't get the money from my Paypal account, they are allowed to subtract it from my bankaccount. At the moment, when there isn't sufficient funds on my Paypal account, I simply can not pay. And that suits me fine. But if I add Paypal as payment method, SL will go to my bank account to get the money, if there isn't enough money on my Paypal account. My fear is that if I do so, this goes for everything else too on Paypal. Paypal is whining for years to connect my bankaccount to Paypal. I had done that in the past with my old bank account and it had given me a lot of financial troubles in the past. Is there a way to add Paypal as my method of paying, without this permission to go to my bank account? I don't have a creditcard (too expencive) and Im not living in the USA. To bad SL doesn't accept Ideal. Edit: reaction to the frist answer: It is not a matter of spending controle. It is the lack of information of how much money is left on my Paypal account when I buy something with Paypal. The only reason back then was that I didn't know Paypal would subtract it from my bankaccount if there wasn't enough money on the Paypal account itself. Personally I prefer paying with Ideal. When I pay with Ideal I can see how much money I have left, before I make my purchase. Edit: reaction to the second. When I log in at the site of Paypal, yes I have all the info I need. But.. if I'm on a different site and I buy there, I get a pop up of Paypal with hardly any info accept what I'm about to pay. I can not see my balance at that point. Very annoying. Edit reaction to the first. This lock will only happen when you have a subscription or pay rent. Not when you want to buy L$. I've checked with SL about that.
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