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  1. I'm just getting involved with an avatar. We are doing a log of communications via chat. I recently found out that they've been banned from a lot of sims, and that makes me leery about them, wondering why'd they get banned from so many sims. I'd ask them but they won't tell, saying they don't know themselves. There are a lot of other numerous incidents that are too many to mention. Bottom line is, how do I find out why they were banned from a sim. How do I know if there were issue reports about this person, and triggers for me to look for to avoid any troubles I may encounter? Thanks
  2. Should I be concerned if I received a gift prim from a person I just met? He seems nice, but I still have my guards up. When he gave it to me, he told me to rez it, it's a photo with changing scenes, when I took it back, I noticed he had another behind it. I didn't think much of it then, but after thinking about it, I couldn't figure out why he had to rezz one from his inventory too. Then I began to think perhaps he created some type of way to compromise my computer, although I hope not. If this is some suspicious act please tell me so, and is there a way I can have this prim looked at
  3. That's not the problem, I assure you. I have a desktop PC, with a high end graphics card, and just recently started crashing even seeing the blue screen of death. I can't even log inworld anymore for fear I will crash. Chloe
  4. I received an item from a person whom I did not feel comfortable with. I suspect the item may be adware or a virus. How do I have it examined? Chloe
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