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  1. I'm just getting involved with an avatar. We are doing a log of communications via chat. I recently found out that they've been banned from a lot of sims, and that makes me leery about them, wondering why'd they get banned from so many sims. I'd ask them but they won't tell, saying they don't know themselves. There are a lot of other numerous incidents that are too many to mention. Bottom line is, how do I find out why they were banned from a sim. How do I know if there were issue reports about this person, and triggers for me to look for to avoid any troubles I may encounter? Thanks
  2. Should I be concerned if I received a gift prim from a person I just met? He seems nice, but I still have my guards up. When he gave it to me, he told me to rez it, it's a photo with changing scenes, when I took it back, I noticed he had another behind it. I didn't think much of it then, but after thinking about it, I couldn't figure out why he had to rezz one from his inventory too. Then I began to think perhaps he created some type of way to compromise my computer, although I hope not. If this is some suspicious act please tell me so, and is there a way I can have this prim looked at by an expert who can tell if it is what I think it is. Thanks Chloe
  3. That's not the problem, I assure you. I have a desktop PC, with a high end graphics card, and just recently started crashing even seeing the blue screen of death. I can't even log inworld anymore for fear I will crash. Chloe
  4. I received an item from a person whom I did not feel comfortable with. I suspect the item may be adware or a virus. How do I have it examined? Chloe
  5. As a premium member, will I be penalized for having an SL home and 512 sqm of land at the same time?
  6. Hi Venus, I own my own parcel and others can change their environments. Mine is the only one that cannot change environments. So, if nobody can help me hear, how's anyone in the chat group going to help me?
  7. Thanks Peewee, I do have the latest version. I am with the Phoenix Viewer Support group also, so I'll ask the group.
  8. Thanks Venus, as I explained in my complaint, I did all that you suggested already, none of that helps. Any other suggestion?
  10. Pearl, I was stuck with that situation for a long period of time once. The other owner did not log on anymore, so I used their email account as asked if they would log back inworld and exit from the group. It took them awhile, and with attitude, they did eventually leave. So, having said that, perhaps you can ask them in your politest way, to gracefully bow out of your group. Good luck
  11. Kaylee, which viewer are you trying to install? Is it SL or Phoenix? If it's Phoenix, I hate to tell you this, but I am hearing soooo many complaints about that version. People are shouting and complaining in Pheonix Support Group that is causing more problems. Some feel they have a solution, to uninstall and reinstall, but I see you've done that already. Since Phoenix and Second Life are different viewers, perhaps you should go to the Phoenix Viewer blogs and see if someone posted a solution. If it's SL, then try the Knowledge Base tab at the top. Sorry I couldn't help you better.
  12. To whom this may concern:Before my billing date, I changed my billing account in hopes that it would be effective to pay my SL account on time. Must I have an active paypal account to continue my SL Premium Account or can I just apply the charges directly from my charge card? The reason I ask is because I closed my paypay account thinking I could pay my SL bill with the credit card. Please tell me what I should do to continue my active account. Thank youCX
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! I see it much clearer now. Thank you Peewee
  14. Wow! I guess once I find the 1024 of land, I will purchase it under my group. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for this information. Very helpful to know, but not so easy for me to find it at the moment. Once everything is clearer for me, I'll know what to do. Please don't give up on me, I appreciate all the help I can get.
  15. My premium is paid up for the year. So, that leave me still confused. $8 month tier/$5 month tier? I'm searching for 1024 Linden Land, so if someone owns this land, I will have to pay THEM whatever tier they're asking?
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