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  1. Now, now, people... everybody calm down... The new web-based SL profiles have been a HUGE success..... for Phoenix <grins> Seriously.. notice when you're on (using phoenix, of course.. SL doesn't have this functionality) that your radar shows nearly 85% of EVERYONE is using Phoenix now? I have. And we can't blame the poor performance of the web-based profile (which works, to a degree, albeit slowly.. don't get me started on their pathetic web-based search...) on low end computer systems. I have a very nice high end gaming machine,the latest intel CPU's (three of them; one on a graphic board), 6 gigs of memory. I never EVER see lag in SL anymore. I'm the only person I know who can visit Phat Cat's and walk into the dance hall in LESS than ten seconds.. <laughs> but I can't get the web-based profiles to work reliably, and I can't get their insipid search/events/destinations window to work barely at ALL... My only solution? the same one 85% of everyone else is using... Phoenix for the WIN....
  2. Are there any plans in the works to fine-tune and FIX the new web-based Find/Search options in the viewer? The new web-based search is almost completely unusable now: It goes to a blank form and hangs, or eventually drops all by itself. It's impossible for me to search classified, destinations, people, or groups now. This must be having a devastating impact on SL businesses... I've heard too many similar complaints in world - this can't be just me. (I'm using a quad-pro Dell XPS gaming machine with mutliple processors, 4 gigs RAM, and a physics co-processor...) SL? Surely this isn't your idea of a 'bold step forward to the web", is it?
  3. Your objects will survive, no doubt about it. I had a builder Avatar that was deleted completely after a nasty billing dispute with Linden Labs. His objects are still in-world, although the 'creator' is now listed as "Unknown"
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