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  1. Because i had a glitch where i couldnt see transaction history, and like i said it has been fixed so end of rant ty
  2. It does not matter anyways because everything has now been fixed
  3. if i didnt spend lindens to buy 2 outfits and end up gaining nothing and having no lindens back in transaction whether there is no trace of history of it taking place or not, the matter of it that i did make that purchase and should have gotten them but i didnt, but this post is make people aware now that things like this can happen in second life, or maybe any game as matter of fact.
  4. That would be the case yes, so regardless if purchased was made and not recieved items then telling that to a judge with no proof of anything is like arguing with someone till your blue in the face, dont matter anyways i just purchased the fatpack outfit from marketplace, rather then go to store within world thats really got severe lag issues
  5. Giggles i sometimes rather take long route to explain, rather then just keep it short and sweet and get to the point lol
  6. Maybe so, but what about negative lindens lost as when transaction took place upon buying, if no outfit recieved then how does that account for still minus lindens in balance, it should have in some way put lindens back to my balance if that was such a case of no sale or faulty sale in some way of putting it
  7. There was when i purchased the item to click on it, and in local chat said delivery was in progress, but i didnt get, after that my laptop ran into problems with the Firestorm viewer and most of much of 20K of my outfits and folders vanished but luckily i fixed that issue myself, however i still should have had that purchase show regardless so its either SL issue or some sort of other error which from my end there is no issues only apart from maybe poor wi fi connections
  8. yes there is purchase history but this certain transaction is not showing up on purchase history, and for seller i dnt think they have redilivery notice in there shop i hunted everywhere for one and even checked there main web page!
  9. Hi Can anyone tell me what i should do, Yesterday i purchased clothes and it said in open chat that they was being delivered, but to my suprise i never got because 1/ maybe due poor internet connection items can be delayed in some way or 2/ transaction failed register or recognise, now once i had this issue i wrote to the owner in IM and i got reply back next day i was asked to check my transaction via the web purchase history and to my suprise there it not showing up either, so what do i have to do in order for me to get these 2 item outfits i purchased and never recieved, i'm either lost out
  10. lol wahahaha im not scarey honestly!! that badge picture is just a reminder of when i wake up with hangover
  11. Only one i can really think of least demanding would be Imprudence viewer 1.3 if thats of any help
  12. Accounts can be put on hold for several reason here this explains those reasons for you http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Why_is_my_account_on_hold
  13. I totally agree with venus petrov keep pestering them the more you send them the more they will get fed up
  14. This very true as my brother has found out only my other brother cancelled his account by accident, and now he has fight to try get it back that hard way
  15. Same thing has just rescenty happened to my brother, he had his put on on hold all because my other brother cancelled his account by accident, he has explained to support but they just dont seem to listen or understand, thing is but states in one part of the report back he got that the 30 day thing and 60 day thing if he wants re activation of his free basic account, when he clicks on this link takes him where the so called account section is log in when he does that logs in all he getting is Account is on hold, i dnt why he being put on hold he has given them all the required info needed for
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