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  1. I've tried to create a thread in the forums several times, but as soon as I navigate away from the initial page after posting it immediately disappears. I don't see it in my "latest posts" or anywhere else, except that my non-public stats show I've started one more topic. What can I do to fix this? Can other people see my posts? Edit: I didn't get any notification that my post was deleted and as far as I know there's nothing that violates the forum guidelines. The post contained a link to an unrelated website but when I tried removing it and re-posting, the same thing happened. Oth
  2. Thank you for your helpful response! And I'm sorry that mine is so late. 'I know someone who is also doing research on here and got kicked out of the forums. I realize that many people are tired of pesky anthropologists intruding on their community, but I will try my best to be respectful. The last thing I want is for people to think that I am using them as lab rats. My intention with this project is to give voice to the individual lived experiences of fluid SL/RL gender expressions. I’ve been looking at the other great stuff on here about gender expression and they’ve given me a good startin
  3. Hi Everyone! My name is Maria Bodwell and I'm an undergraduate student of anthropology at the University of Redlands. I'm doing research on the way people in virtual communities portray gender through their avatars and I'm particularly interested in learning about the way people use SL avatars to express genders different from their RL gender. My research has 2 components: This thread - I will use these group discussions to get a sense of how residents feel about gender expression in SL, both for themselves and for others. If I plan to use something you say in this thread (by quoting, for exam
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